Difference Between Course and Coarse

Main Difference – Course vs Coarse

Course and coarse are two words that are commonly confused by many people. Although these two words share a similar pronunciation, they are completely in different in meaning. Coarse is an adjective meaning rough or crude. Course, on the other hand, have many meanings, but none of these meanings are related to coarse. This is the main difference between course and coarse.Difference Between Course and Coarse - infographic

Course – Meaning and Usage

The word course has many different meanings. Given below are some of these meanings.

Course as a Noun

The route or direction followed

The ship changed its course to rescue some castaways.

His decision changed the course of the history.

Education delivered in a series of lessons

I enrolled in a Business English course.

You’ll have to face two examinations at the end of the course.

Part of a meal

Asians do not serve meals in courses but set all the dishes on the table at once.

We had a four-course dinner at the restaurant.

An area of land

This hotel has its own golf course.

Course as a Verb

Course can also be used as a verb. As a verb, coarse means to move without obstruction. This is mainly used to refer to liquids and ships.

The American ship coursed the Indian Ocean.

A single tear coursed down her cheek.

In addition, course is commonly used in the expression of course. Of course is similar in meaning to clearly and naturally.

Main Difference - Course vs Coarse

It was a three-course meal.

Coarse – Meaning and Usage

Coarse is an adjective meaning rough and crude. When coarse is used to talk about an object, it will refer to the texture of the object. But when describing people, coarse would refer to the rude or vulgar nature of a person. Given below are some examples of this adjective.

He is coarse and vulgar, and I find him disgusting.

The coarse coat hurt her soft skin.

A shark’s skin is extremely coarse.

The coarse sand hurt their tender legs.

She scrubbed her coarse skin with scented soap.

Difference Between Course and Coarse

Coarse Sand

Difference Between Course and Coarse

Grammatical Category

Course is a noun and a verb.

Coarse is an adjective.


Course has many meanings, but none of them are related to coarse.

Coarse means rough and crude.

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