Difference Between Easy and Simple

Main Difference – Easy vs. Simple

Easy and simple are two words we often use together. We often see and hear phrases like ‘simple and easy recipes,” “simple and easy instructions,” “easy and simple methods” etc. What exactly do these phrases mean? What do these two words mean separately? This is what we are going to talk about in this article. The main difference between easy and simple is, easy refers to something that is not difficult while simple refers to something that is not complex. At a glance, both these meanings might look the same. Nevertheless, there is a distinct difference between them.

Imagine that you bought a new oven. The instructions in the guide are really simple. So you can use it without much problem. In this instance, simple directions paved the way for easy use. Let’s take another situation.  You want to lose your weight, so you read about dieting. The method is really simple, but is it easy to do in practice? Similarly, something might be simple in theory, but when it comes to practicability, it might not be easy. It is easy to understand the difference between easy and simple by remembering that theories and concepts are simple while tasks, work, and activities are easy.

What Does Easy Mean

Easy means not difficult. We can use easy to describe a task that can be done without great effort, work that does not present many difficulties.

This work was too easy for her, and she completed it within 10 minutes.

It is easy for you to say, but I’m the one who has to do all the work.

He wanted to find an easy way to find money.

It wasn’t easy to leave her children and move to another country, but she didn’t have any other option.

Easy is also used to indicate freedom from worries, anxieties or problems.

He came to Dublin, thinking that he’d have an easy life there.

Her easy and agreeable manner surprised everybody.

 Easy vs Simple

His job is not an easy one.

What Does Simple Mean

Simple is an adjective meaning straightforward, direct and not complex. Simple refers to something that is not very intricate or complex.

He had a problem following simple directions.

He gave a very simple speech.

He taught me a simple method to solve this problem.

The solution she presented contained six simple steps.

Simple also means plain, basic in form, nature or design. It refers to something without many decorations.

She was wearing a simple white blouse and blue denim.

Thought they were millionaires, they had a simple house.

He bought a simple gold ring for her.

When ‘simple’ is used with people, it  refer to the qualities of  humbleness or unpretentiousness.

Although he earned a lot of money, he was a man with simple tastes.

She lived a simple life in the village.

Difference Between Easy and Simple

He found a simple method to solve the problem.

Difference Between Easy and Simple


Easy refers to something that does not require a great effort or that does not present lot of difficulties.

Simple refers to something that direct, straightforward not complex.

Alternative meanings

Easy also indicates freedom from problems, anxieties, and worries.

Simple refers to plain, unadorned and basic.


Antonyms of Easy are difficult, tough and hard.

Antonyms of Simple are complex, complicated and intricate.


Easy is mostly used with activities, tasks or work that you physically do.

Simple is mostly used with abstract entities like concepts and theories.Easy vs Simple

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