Difference Between Valuable and Invaluable

Main Difference – Valuable vs Invaluable

At a glance, these two adjective, valuable and invaluable seem to be opposite terms. This is because the prefix ‘in’ is usually used to indicate a negative value. But here, this prefix ‘in’ advances the original meaning of the word. The main difference between valuable and invaluable is that valuable usually refers to the monetary or material value of things whereas invaluable refers to things that cannot be measured by monetary value.Difference Between Valuable and Invaluable - infographic

Valuable – Definition, Meaning and Usage

 Valuable refers to the material value or monetary value of things. Oxford Dictionary defines it as “worth a great deal of money” and the American Heritage dictionary defines it as “having considerable monetary or material value for use or exchange.” This adjective can also be used to describe something that is extremely useful or important.

Valuable as an Adjective

He gifted me a valuable necklace.

She learned a valuable lesson that day.

This ring is extremely valuable.

My time is very valuable. Please don’t waste it.

Valuable can also be used as a noun. As a noun, it refers to a thing that is of great worth, especially a small item of personal property. The noun is usually written in plural form.

Valuable as a Noun

He lost all his valuables.

Put your valuables in the locker.Difference Between Valuable and Invaluable

Invaluable – Definition, Meaning and Usage

Invaluable refers to something that cannot be measured in monetary value. Oxford Dictionary defines it as “extremely useful or indispensable” and the American Heritage dictionary defines it as “of inestimable value; priceless.”

Your invaluable help saved our lives.

It proved to be an invaluable experience.

This painting is invaluable.

This book is an invaluable source of information to learners.

We could not have completed the project without your invaluable help.

The photographs in the old album proved to be invaluable.

Main Difference - Valuable vs Invaluable

Difference Between Valuable and Invaluable


Valuable means having considerable monetary or material value.

Invaluable means having inestimable value.

Alternative Meaning

Valuable may also mean important and useful.

Invaluable may also mean indispensable.

Grammatical Category 

Valuable is an adjective and a noun.

Invaluable is an adjective.

Monetary value

Valuable is often used with things whose value can be measured.

Invaluable is used with things whose value cannot be measured.

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