Difference Between Which and Witch

Main Difference – Which vs Witch

Which and witch are homophones – they have identical pronunciation, but different spellings and meanings. Which is an interrogative form which can be used as an interrogative pronoun, interrogative adjective or relative pronoun. Witch is a noun that refers to a woman who can perform magic. This is the main difference between which and witch.

Which – Meaning and Usage

Which can be used to ask a question or request specific information. When which is used to ask a question, it functions as an interrogative adjective or an interrogative pronoun.

Interrogative Adjective:

Which country did you like the most?

Which one do you want? – this or that?

Which option do you like the most?

Interrogative Pronoun:

Which is correct?

Which made you change your decision?

Which are the best varieties of cheese? 

We usually use which to ask a question when there is a limited number of options as the answer. If there is no limit, we use the interrogative form what.

Which can also be used as a relative pronoun. Here, this word acts as a link between two clauses and combine them together. Which is always used when a non-restrictive clause is added to the main clause. A non- restrictive clause is a clause that contains additional information, which is not essential to the meaning.

Relative Pronoun:

The red vase, which was on the table, has been stolen.

This phone has fast charging option, which is very efficient.

Her van, which was bought in 1985, is still in use.

Difference Between Which and Witch

Which way?

Witch – Meaning and Usage

Witch, unlike which, is a noun. Witch is a female sorcerer, magician. Witches perform magic using spells, potions and invocation of spirits. They are commonly depicted as wearing black coats, pointy hats and flying on a broomstick. Witches are generally thought to be evil. This word is also sometimes used to describe an ugly or unpleasant old woman. At the same time, it is also used to refer to a girl or woman who is extremely attractive.

The three wicked witches in Macbeth are a sign of ill-omen.

She drank the potion brewed by a witch.

The crafty old woman was a witch.

Witchcraft Act of 1735 marked the end of the witch trials in the Early Modern period.Main Difference - Which vs Witch

Difference Between Which and Witch

Grammatical Category

Which can function as an interrogative pronoun, interrogative adjective or a relative pronoun.

Witch is a common noun.


Which is a word that is used to ask questions or to combine two clauses together.

Witch is a woman who practices magic or witchcraft.Difference Between Which and Witch - infographic

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