Difference Between Alright and All Right

Main Difference – Alright vs All Right

Alright and All Right are two words that confuse many English writers. The debate on alright and all right only occurs in writing, since both words are pronounced similarly.  All right is widely used in writing and can be found in dictionaries and grammar styles. This is the ‘accepted’ version of the two. Alright is a nonstandard variant of all right. The main difference between alright and all right is that all right is accepted in formal writing whereas alright is not.

Alright and All Right – Meaning and Usage

As mentioned above, the only difference between alright and all right lies in its usage. All right is the standard form of the word and alright is considered to be a non-standard variation of the word. However, it is also important to note that alright has become very popular in modern usage. We often use this word in informal writing. Nevertheless, it is still considered unacceptable in formal writing.

Now that we know the difference between alright and all right let’s look at their meanings. These two words can be used as an adjective, adverb or an exclamation.

As an adjective, all right/ alright can mean satisfactory, of acceptable quality, permissible or allowable. The following examples will help you to understand these meanings. (Note that all right and alright have been used interchangeably in the examples.)

Is it alright if I drop you at the junction?

The dinner was all right, but the dessert was horrible.

Do you think this dress is all right?

He seemed alright, so I didn’t wake him up.

As an adverb, all right/ alright can be used to convey that something is done or happens in a satisfactory manner or to a satisfactory extent. It can also be used to emphasize how certain the speaker is about something.

I did all right at the exam.

We get on all right.

It’s her father, all right.

All right can also be used as an exclamation. As an exclamation, it is used to express or ask for assent, agreement, or acceptance.

        All right, let’s go back to the lesson.

All right, I’ll tell you the whole story.

It is important to remember that all right is the accepted form of the word. Therefore, it is better if you always use this form of the word. Restrict the use of alright to informal and personal writing. But if you have trouble remembering the difference between alright and all right, it is always advisable to use only all right and stop using alright.

Difference Between Alright and All Right - image

Difference Between Alright and All Right


Alright is one word.

All Right is two words.


Alright is a non-standard variation of the word.

All Right is the accepted form of the word.

Formal Writing

Alright cannot be used in formal writing.

All Right can be used in formal writing.Difference Between Alright and All Right - infographic

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