Difference Between Choice and Decision

Main Difference – Choice vs. Decision

Though we use the terms choice and decision interchangeably in the practical use, there is a fundamental difference between these two words. The main difference between choice and decision is that choice can be defined as the right, power or ability to choose whereas decision can be defined as a conclusion or resolution reached after consideration. In this article, we’ll analyse these two words separately to understand the difference between choice and decision in detail.

What Does Choice Mean

Choice can be defined as the opportunity, right and power to select. A person generally has to make a choice when there are more than one alternative or option. For example, if there is only one road from point X to point Y, then we have no choice but to take that route. But if there are more routes, then you have to choose between them

Choices can vary according to the magnitude of the impact. A choice can be a simple one or a complex one. A simple choice might include what to eat for breakfast or what to wear for an outing. Complex choices may include what career to pursue, the choice of a life partner, etc.

We may put a lot of thought into the complex choices we take, smaller or simpler choices are made instinctively. More often, we don’t have all the information, data to analyse the options and make a conclusion. We usually make choices according to our values, beliefs, and perceptions of where a selected choice may take us.Difference Between Choice and Decision

What Does Decision Mean

The decision can be defined as a conclusion or judgement reached after consideration. The Oxford Dictionary defines decision as a conclusion or resolution reached after consideration. As this definition implies, a decision is always made after analysing the relevant data and information. In fact, when we look at the etymology of this word, this meaning becomes clearer. Decide comes from Latin decidere, meaning to cut off, (de- + caedere to cut) Therefore, in making a decision we go through an analysis and steps to eliminate options.

Decisions can also range from low impact to high impact. However, unlike choices, decisions are taken based on facts, not on different beliefs and perspectives. Nevertheless, a decision can also be a part of a choice.

Finally, life is full of choices and it is up to us to make the correct decision. Both these play an important role in changing the direction of a person’s life. The difference between choice and decision can be summarized as follows.Main Difference - Choice vs Decision

Difference Between Choice and Decision


Choice is the opportunity, power and right to select.

Decision is reaching a conclusion or resolution after consideration.


Choice is influenced by a person’s values, beliefs, and perceptions about the choice.

Decision is influenced by the analysis of facts and information.


Choice implies the existence of alternatives.

Decision does not imply the existence of alternatives.Difference Between Choice and Decision - infographic

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