Difference Between Google Pixel C and iPad Pro

Main Difference – Google Pixel C vs iPad Pro

The main difference between Google Pixel C and iPad Pro is that the Google Pixel C is cheaper, compact, lightweight, and more portable and powerful whereas the iPad Pro has a larger screen, split screen support and comes with a pressure sensitive pencil. Since both devices are using mobile-based operating systems, they both attempt to replace laptops; however, they are not able to support all productivity features as with a laptop.

The Microsoft Surface Pro is so powerful, it is capable of replacing a laptop easily whereas the iPad Air device is very much suitable for multimedia related activities like gaming and video streaming. The Google pixel C, on the other hand, is able to accomplish both, which is ideal. The main aim of tablet PC, which have been released recently, is productivity. So the aim of manufacturers is to design a tablet that is capable of replacing a PC. Both Google Pixel C and the iPad Pro are devices that fit into the above category. They provide many features and accessories to make the user experience more productive.

Google Pixel C Review – Features and Specifications 

Google recently unveiled its latest tablet and it is undoubtedly one of the most powerful tablets to be produced. The new device comes with a lot of great features. The Google Pixel C is a high-end design which is able to provide great performance, provide a long lasting battery and also provides a spectacular screen.


If we are to compare this device with the iPad Air 2, it comes with more pixels per inch at 308ppi when compared with 264ppi. High definition videos are rich in color and detail and also stunning and sharp at the same time.


The design of the device is solid and has an aluminum finish. The Google Pixel C also comes with a magnetic keyboard which is an optional feature which can easily connect with the tablet and turn into a hybrid device which can be geared towards productivity. This feature makes this device an able competitor with the Microsoft surface pro and the iPad Air 2 which also come with similar features.

In regards to overall performance, it can be considered equal or placed next to the iPad Air 2. If we are to choose between the iPad Air 2 and the Google Pixel C, the latter would be the ideal choice for its elegant design fast performance and gorgeous display.

Google has been producing tablets in the past with different partnerships, but this is the first time that Google has produced its very own tablet.

The Google Pixel C almost looks similar to that of the iPad Air 2, which comes with an aluminum frame that  gives it a luxurious look. In the hand, it feels smooth, solid and comfortable. 

In order to increase the battery capacity of the Google Pixel C, it comes with a larger battery which makes it heavier than the iPad Air 2. The tablet can also be held in the hand for long periods of time due to its comfort.


The major differences, when compared with other competitive devices, is the additional blue tooth keyboard which is magnetic as well as inductively charged. Like the Google pixel C, the keyboard is also comfortable. Typing can be done in a smooth and efficient manner due to the larger size of the keys and its compact design. As soon as the tablet is connected to the keyboard, the on-screen keyboard automatically hides itself with the help of the blue tooth connection.

The same keyboard can also be used as a cover which will make the tablet look like a laptop and provide additional protection to the screen. It is also made out of the same material as the tablet which is sturdy and provides the whole tablet a classy look. The connecting made between the keyboard and the tablet is very strong. This ensures that no connection loss will ever occur while typing something using the keyboard.

Some Shortcomings

The keyboard does not come with a trackpad which is a disadvantage. Sometimes, it feels a bit awkward to separate the keyboard and the screen when the keyboard is used as a cover. It is also a bit difficult to recognize which end of the keyboard connects magnetically when it is used as a cover on the tablet.  Sometimes, although the keys are not physically stuck on the keyboard, the screen continuously type a letter causing long lines of the same letter.

Operating System

The Google pixel C comes with Android 6.0 Marshmallow, which mostly runs on Google apps. Heavy users will be able to make use of this OS in an efficient manner.

OK Google

Ok Google is able to work seamlessly thanks to the four microphones that come with the Google pixel C, instead of one like its other rivals. This increases the sensitivity of the tablet and when we are pronouncing the word it does not need to be in close proximity.

On Tap Feature

This is a new addition on to the Google Pixel C which enables what is being viewed on the screen to be searched into a list with the use of a long-press of the home button. This is a convenient feature which enables the user to search for what he has been looking for even without typing a word.  The Ok Google feature and the new Tap feature make researching any topic fairly easy.


The speakers on the Google Pixel C are ideal for watching videos and movies as well as for listening to audio tracks as they provide fuller sounds. The only problem that could be identified with the speakers is the little lack of bass which is typical for smaller speakers.

Hardware and Performance Features

The Google Pixel C is powerful as they come. The device is packed with a powerful processor Nvidia Tegra X1 processor which takes gaming to a whole new level.


The USB C port on the device can be used to charge the device as well as connect the device to a computer. The advantage of having a USB C is it performs really fast. The battery is able to be charged fully in quick time when comparing it with a traditional USB charging port.

iPad Pro Review – Features and Specifications

This can be easily considered the best iPad yet due to its fast performance, larger screen size, and powerful features.  If we are to compare it with the fist iPad, it has come a long way since. The device comes with accessories which will be able to take advantage of the large screen and the powerful A9 processor. Namely, they are the accurate stylus pencil and the connectable keyboard. As an additional feature, the operating system is capable of supporting split screen features. As with the screen, the hardware is also to notch.


The size of the screen is 13 inches, which is massive for a tablet PC. The screen is ideal for artistry. The screen can be used as a larger canvas and the pencil can be used to draw on it to produce exquisite artistry. The larger screen will make the user forget he is actually working on a tablet. The screen comes with a resolution of 2732×2048 pixels which has a pixel density of 264 ppi. The size of the screen is 12.9 inches which also comes with an aspect ratio of 4:3. The aspect ratio makes it taller than a TV or a laptop.


The stylus pencil that comes with the iPad Pro is accurate, fast, and comfortable. It is also pressure sensitive which makes it ideal for artists to sketch their masterpiece. It could be even considered better than the pen that come with the Microsoft Surface Pro. The Pencil can be used as a normal pen in the day to day usage. When the pencil is tilted it can also perform shading like with a real pencil. When the pencil is used often it will become finely tuned to pressure sensitivity. This is a piece of sensitive technology as well as a tool capable of producing fine art at the same time. It is able to recognize pressure effectively and be responsive at the same time. Even kids will be able to use this device to produce artwork.  The pencil operates by connecting to the tablet via Bluetooth. The pencil also needs to charge with the use of a lightning plug which can be plugged into the iPad Pro.

The only problem with the pencil is it is an additional expense to the already expensive iPad Pro. The pencil cannot be attached the iPad Pro in any way either.

Smart Keyboards

The iPad now comes with a connector port called a smart connector. These connectors are magnetic contacts which can be easily attached to accessories. This keyboard is thin and light which mean it can’t be considered for back protection. The keys are dust protected, responsive and covered with nylon. The screen can be adjusted to a different angle on the keyboard just like adjusting the screen on a traditional laptop.

Dimensions and Weight

The weight of the device is 713 grams, which is almost the same weight of the first iPad. This is a great accomplishment as this device is so much bigger than the first iPad.


The iPad is a great tool for gaming as the screen is bright and the extra pixels will offer a fantastic experience.


There are four speakers which have been placed on the sides of the iPad. These speakers are able to adjust bass and treble according to the orientation the device is kept; this will deliver quality and clear sounds most of the time. The speakers are able to produce loud sound even though they are small.


The iPad is powered by an A9X processor, which is the latest processor to be produced by Apple for its devices.

Battery life

The Battery life of the iPad is estimated around 10 hours.  Due to the larger size of the battery, the charging time of the device’s battery is higher.

Difference Between Google Pixel C and iPad Pro

Difference Between Google Pixel C and iPad Pro


The size of the iPad Pro display has increased to 12.9 inches, and the addition of four speakers has made the iPad Pro a larger device. The dimensions of the device are 305.7 x 220.6 x 6.9mm. The slim device weighs 713g.

The size of the screen on the Google Pixel C is 10.2 inches, the body is made up of high-quality aluminum. The dimensions  of the device are 242 x 179 x 7mm and weighs 517g.

Both devices offer a premium look and feel. The iPad Pro has a design which is similar to the iPads of the past. The build quality of both devices is almost the same. Although the screen size of the Google pixels C is small, It is way more portable due to its smaller size and less weight.


The screen pixel density of  iPad Pro stands at 264 ppi. The size of the display is a large 12.9 inches which come with a screen resolution of 2732 × 2048 pixels.

The pixel density of the Google Pixel C screen stands at 308 ppi. The size of the screen is 10.2 inches and the resolution stands at 2560 × 1800. The brightness of the screen is 500 nits and supports full sRGB gamut.

The advantage the iPad Pro has over the Google pixel C is its larger screen real estate. This screen can be taken advantage of in multitasking, thanks to the split screen feature. The iPad Pro also comes with a stylus pencil making it the ideal device for sketching and drawing. Compared with the Google Pixel C, the iPad Pro is a more versatile device.


The iPad Pro comes with the new A9X processor which is accompanied by the M9 co-processor.  

The heart of the Google Pixel C is the  Nvidia X1 processor which comes with 256 cores, Graphics is powered by Maxwell GPU and the memory comes in the form of LPDDR4 RAM which has a capacity of 3GB.

The google Pixels C can provide great graphics and performs fast and responds quickly. With further support from the software department, the Google pixel C will be one of the most powerful devices to look forward to in the future. The iPad Pro is also a great processor to which the apps respond quickly, even to the extent where 4K video can be edited on the device. From a productivity and performance point of view, the iPad has the upper hand over the Google Pixel C. Both devices have the ability to last throughout the day without any issues, thanks to the larger batteries they come with.


The iPad Pro comes with a keyboard which can be used as a cover as well. This can be used as a stand for the screen with a triangular fold. The angle of the display cannot be changed due to this fold and design of the keyboard. The keyboard is large which opens options for a great typing experience.

The design of the keyboard which can be attached to the Google Pixel C is smart. The keyboard has a smaller size, but the keys that come with the keyboard are large. This will enable the user to type quickly with fewer errors. This keyboard can also be used as screen protector which with the help of magnets attach to the tablet’s screen. The screen is held by a stand on the keyboard and the finish of the device is exquisite.   

Both devices do not come with a keyboard. They are mainly aimed at productivity and have to be bought separately. Both keyboards do not come with trackpads.

Operating System 

The iPad Pro comes with the iOS 9 operating System.  

Google Pixel C comes with the Android 6.0 Marshmallow.

Both operating systems perform fast and are responsive. The iPad Pro comes with more features due to the specially designed apps built for the tablet and the split screen support. For the time being, from an Apps point of view, the best device is the iPad Pro. However, this may change soon when Apps are produced and designed effectively for tablets produced by Google.

From a desktop environment point of view, both devices still lack productivity apps and most of the time will fail to replace a desktop PC or a laptop.

Google Pixel C vs iPad Pro – Summary

Although the hardware is in great shape on the Google Pixel C, Google App store is still to provide apps that are to take advantage of these features. Apple is way ahead when we compare its apps with the apps found in the Google App store. This can be considered ideal for students as it provides a powerful keyboard and easy research capabilities with OK Google and Tap. This device can be said to be on par with iPad in performance and design, but the only limitation that exists is the unavailability of apps on Google store.

The iPad Pro is a device that has been specially designed for use on creative visual arts. The device is beautiful but expensive. The pressure sensitive stylus makes a big difference as it is an ideal tool for artwork. The device is ideal for gaming, listening to music and watching movies. With the aid of custom-made softwares which are specially designed to take advantage of the device, the iPad pro will be one of the most powerful devices around.

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