Difference Between Google Pixel C and Microsoft Surface Pro

Main Difference – Google Pixel C vs Microsoft Surface Pro

The main difference between Google pixel C and Microsoft Surface pro is that the Google Pixel C is a smaller and more compact device whereas the Microsoft Surface Pro comes with a better display and better hardware features that are customizable. Microsoft Surface Pro has more memory and comes with the stylus pen and an upgraded Type cover, which can be considered to be one of the best keyboards available. The Google Pixel C comes with a keyboard that can attach magnetically to it. However, the keyboard is an additional accessory which has to be bought separately.

Google Pixel C Review – Features and Specifications     

In the past, Google always partnered with other companies to produce its electronics devices. But Google is gradually turning towards building its own devices. Google Pixel C is one such device which could be considered a major attempt by Google to see how far a mobile operating system can be used in order to achieve productivity. However, when compared to devices like the Microsoft Surface Pro, Google Pixel C seems to be a bit clunky though it is a very well designed device.

Productivity tasks are typically handled by desktops and laptops efficiently and effectively thanks to the operating system it comes with. However, although Google Pixels C is an incredibly powerful device, it could be said that it is struggling to provide the same productivity as a Chrome operating system and Windows operating system.  


The finish and the polished metal design of the device are among the best designs up-to-date and can be only compared with iPad. The weight of the device is a tad on the high side when compared to other tablets in the market. It is heavier than the Samsung Tab 2 and also the iPad Air 2. Although with many devices the weight is not a problem, when holding the device in one hand for an extended period of time, the weight becomes a bit noticeable.  The edges of the Google Pixel C is polished on the edges. The dimensions of the device are  242 x 179 x 7 mm.


But if we are to compare the device with the Microsoft Surface 3, it is slightly lighter. But the Microsoft Surface Pro 3 is able to operate the windows operating system, which is capable of supporting all windows software. The Google Pixel C is slightly heavier because it wanted to give way to productivity than portability. Another reason for it being heavy is that this is the first tablet to accompany the NVIDIA’s Tegra X1 processor, which may have affected the overall size and weight of the device.


The keyboard is made out of the same material as the Google Pixel C, which is an all metal case. The individual keys on the keyboard feel good and are responsive at the same time. The problem with the keyboard is the keys are packed in a small space, and the repositioned ‘Enter’ key is vertical too, which takes some time for the user to get used to the device. The other disadvantage is the lack of a touchpad, which would have made navigation bit more easily. A Bluetooth mouse can be used in order to make use of the pointer in a traditional manner. After getting used to the keyboard, typing can be achieved at normal speeds.

Magnetic Stand

The keyboard comes with a magnetic stand where the Google Pixel C can be placed. It is unique as well as strong; strong enough to be lifted up without the keyboard disengaging. The only problem with the stand is, when it is tilted forward to a certain extent, the Google Pixel C comes off the keyboard which could create some usability issues. In order to remove the tablet from the keyboard, it has to be laid down and slid off.

Additional Features

The Google Pixel C also comes with stereo speakers and USB C port for fast charging. This will be the port that will be used in most devices in the future which will replace the micro USB of today’s devices.


The display size of the Google Pixel C is 10.2 inches. The display is able to produce sharp and colorful images. Although it is a great display, it is not as good as the Super AMOLED display which is found on the Samsung Galaxy Tab S2. The resolution supported by the screen is a bit higher than QHD at 2560×1800 pixels. Due to the larger aspect ratio, the screen looks taller and wider than on other tablets. If we are to compare the device with the Surface Pro 3, the screen seems to be crammed up a bit more. Google has also claimed that this display comes with sRGB color gamut. This will help produce more accurate colors on the display.

Operating System and Software

The Google Pixel C come with the Android 6.0 Marshmallow, which is what it was basically designed for. It is not very much different when comparing it with previous Android slates which came with Android 5 Lollipop. The Android Marshmallow is an optimization rather than an upgrade to a brand new operating system. It comes with design tweaks, more secure app permissions and mainly targets at elongating the battery life.

If you are an Android device user, the visible difference won’t give much of a difference, but for someone who is using the Android operating system for the first time, Android Marshmallow will be a fruitful and welcoming experience.

Now on Tap

This is Google’s virtual assistant which is capable of finding information on whatever you are looking for in the screen. The user will not need to go to the search bar and type in whatever he is looking for but with the press of a button the virtual assistant will be able to find the information that you are looking for.

When using apps like Evernote and Gmail, the Google Pixel C performs well. The only problem, in general, is that there are not enough applications specifically designed for Android tablets. This is a serious issue; the hardware is there, but the applications are yet to be produced to take advantage of it. The split screen functionality that was available in Apple iPad Pro is not yet available with the Android.

Marshmallow OS

This means only one app can be used at a time. This feature also comes with Samsung tablets as well. The windows operating system will also be able to support multiple apps at the same time. So it is high time for Google to add such productive feature to its OS.

Battery Life

The noticeable upgrade that came with the device is the battery life. The Android Marshmallow has been designed in such way to increase the life of the battery per charge. Google has claimed that the battery is capable of lasting for 10 hours.


From the performance point of view, the Google Pixel C can be easily considered the fastest tablet around yet. This is mainly due to the NVIDIA’s Tegra X1 processor, which is believed to be a super-efficient and powerful processor. Although the split screen feature is not available, juggling between applications is responsive. Even 3D gaming can be supported really well thanks to the beefy processor.Difference Between Google Pixel C and Microsoft Surface Pro

Microsoft Surface Pro 4 – Features and Specifications     

The original Surface Pro did not come with  a lot of good features. It was expensive but did not provide us with notably good features. It ran the windows operating system, which was not suitable for touch screen use at that time. But after approximately two and a half years, Microsoft introduced Surface Pro 4, which carry a lot of good features. This device is the fourth iteration of the Microsoft Surface Pro. Now every eight months a new pro version is released into the market. There are some very notable upgrades that come with the latest version of the Surface Pro. The keyboard that supports the device has more space, the touch pad on the device is larger, The display has more resolution and sharper this time, the Pen sensitivity has increased, and the hard drive capacity has doubled. Due to the unique nature of the Microsoft Surface Pro, other companies have been forced to respond with similar products. 


The design of the Microsoft Surface Pro 4 does not look much different when compared with its predecessor. The dimensions are the same, but the new model is slightly thinner as well as lighter. The Microsoft Surface Pro 4 is bulky in the sense of a tablet. Usually mobile devices have hardware that is lighter and thinner, but the iPad Pro and the Microsoft Surface Pro have larger dimensions. Some users may feel that the Microsoft Surface Pro is large for a tablet.

The Microsoft Surface Pro has been designed in such a way that it can operate as a PC and a tablet. Although the dimensions of the device have not changed, the display has increased from 12 inches to 12.3 inches. This has been accomplished with the use of thinner bezels, which are attractive and just enough to hold everything together. The screen is also touch-sensitive. The power key and the volume key have been placed in such a way that they can be accessed easily while being used as a PC and while being used as a tablet. When being used as a PC in landscape mode, the buttons are located on the upper left edge and it will come to the upper right edge when being used in portrait mode as a tablet. These positions of the buttons are ideally positioned so that they are not accidently pressed.


The main problem that was evident in previous versions of the Microsoft Surface Pro keyboard is that they lacked the space in-between keys, which made it difficult to discern between them.  Previous versions also did not make use of space in an efficient manner and made the keys and the touchpad smaller.

The new Type cover has been designed to be compatible with Surface Pro 3. It has made use of the space well, and the space between the keys have seen an increase. The touchpad has become larger. This type of cover gets its power from a connector that attaches magnetically with the Surface Pro. The type cover can be used in an angled fashion or flat, whichever is preferred by the user. Another note to consider is that the type cover has been designed in a better way than the one in the MacBook Pro. This keyboard can be said to be in line with the keypads that are found in the laptops. The keypad needs a flat surface in order for it to be stable. It cannot be used on a sofa as it can make the device unsteady and fall apart.


The Microsoft surface Pro Pen has also seen a significant improvement since the sensitivity of the pen has been increased by four times. The pen also comes with an eraser which can be used directly on the touch screen to erase content. The pen has been designed to work in a smooth way when compared with the previous version of the pen. Although the pen has been designed to work well with apps like the Edge and One note, third party apps are not supported well due to the lack of support provided by them. The pen, when not in use, can be magnetically attached to the Surface Pro. The pen can be knocked out of its position easily, which may be a concern on the secureness of it.


Although the previous version of the Microsoft Surface Pro did not have a weak display, the new display of Surface Pro 4 was upgraded to 12.3 inches from 12 inches and the resolution was upgraded to 2736×1824, which produces a pixel density of 267 ppi. This configuration is more than enough for a tablet, and it beats the iPad Pro in screen quality. The brightness of the screen is 349 lux, and the contrast ratio is 940:1, which will enable the screen to produce deep blacks and brilliant whites.

Speakers and Volume

The Microsoft Surface Pro comes with tiny speakers that are capable of packing a punch. The volume can be increased and the produced volume and sound are crisp and clear, even when the bass is set to a high level. Voices are heard in a clear and clarity filled manner.


The memory that comes with the device is 16 GB, and the internal hard drive space has been upgraded up to 128 GB. The processor that comes with the device is the 6th generation mobile dual-core, which is very quick and able to beat many of the notebooks released in 2015.


The Microsoft Surface Pro is not designed for gaming. But when comparing this with real gaming laptops, this integrated graphics chipset, the Intel HD 520 surpasses the average notebook.


The device is thin as well as it is light weight. The battery has a capacity of 38 watt-hour, which enables the device to last for about nine hours. The main reason for the reduced time is the high-resolution display which drains the battery quickly. The problem with the battery is, it struggles to last the whole day when used long.Main Difference - Google Pixel C vs Microsoft Surface Pro

Difference Between Google Pixel C and Microsoft Surface Pro


Microsoft Surface Pro: The Type cover is lighter and thinner, comes with larger keys and also a larger trackpad. There is also a type cover which supports a fingerprint scanner.

Google Pixel C: Magnets are used in order to attach the keyboard to the device. A hinge helps the display to be rotated by 135 degrees. The keyboard is able to charge inductively which eliminates the need for external chargers.

From the size point of the keyboard, the Google Pixel C stands at 10 inches, which is ideal for smaller tables whereas the Microsoft surface Pro’s keyboard is 12 inches. The Surface Pro 4 and the keyboard  are thin with smaller bezels and a larger display. The Surface Pro is the clear winner in the design.


Microsoft Surface Pro: The Surface Pro comes with smaller bezels which make the screen’s real estate bigger, The size of the display is 12.3 inches, and the resolution of the screen is 2736×1824. The pixels density of the screen is 267 ppi.

Google Pixel C: The Google Pixels C comes with a 10.2-inch display which supports a resolution of 2560×1800. The pixel density of the screen is 308 ppi.

Technically, the Microsoft Surface Pro 4 comes with a better display within the two. But the pixel density of the Google Pixel C is better; meaning, when viewed in closer proximity, the Google Pixel C will have a sharper and crisp display.


Microsoft Surface ProMicrosoft Surface Pro’s dimensions are 292.10 x 201.42 x 8.45 mm.

Google Pixel CGoogle Pixel C’s dimensions are 242 x 179 x 7 mm.


Microsoft Surface Pro: The Surface Pro comes in several models. The processors that powered these models include the Core m3, i5, and i7 processors. The memory can be from 4GB to 16GB of RAM.

Google Pixel C: The Google Pixel C comes with the Nvidia Tegra X1 chipset, which is accompanied by a 3GB memory card.

The Android OS has yet to be optimized with the Hardware.  It could be even a more powerful device if this optimization takes place.


Microsoft Surface Pro: The Surface Pro comes with the Windows 10 operating system.

Google Pixel C: The Google Pixels C comes with the Android Marshmallow operating system. 

The Microsoft Surface Pro has the ability to replace a laptop quite easily due to the available hardware and the Windows operating system. The Window 10 OS can be expected to be optimized for the hardware as well.

Additional Features

Microsoft Surface Pro: The Surface Pro comes with a Surface Pen. It also comes with an eraser and increases the interaction with the device.

Google Pixel C: The Google Pixels C does not come with any accessories other than the keyboard.

Although the Pen is a great addition to the Microsoft Surface Pro and could be a useful tool for the user, for some users, it may be a bit complicating. The Google Pixel C can be said to be a straight forward hybrid which is simple to use. That being said the Microsoft Surface Pro can also be used without the pen.Difference Between Microsoft Surface Pro and Google Pixel C - infographic

Google Pixel C vs. Microsoft Surface Pro 4 Summary

If we compare both the devices, Microsoft Surface Pro 4 seems to have the edge over the Google Pixels C. The Google Pixel C is a more compact device which has been upgraded to a level where it wants to compete with the Microsoft Surface Pro for market share. But we believe that according to the features, the Surface Pro is a better device. The only hiccup could be it is a bit expensive, which might lead some users to go for the Google Pixel C.

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