Difference Between Google Pixel C and Nexus 9

Main Difference – Google Pixel C vs Nexus 9

Google has been competing for the tablet space ever since the release of the Nexus tablets. Now Google has started manufacturing a device which is specifically targeting the hybrid tablet which works as a laptop and a tablet, both achieved in one device. Google Pixel C is the latest hybrid tablet released by Google. This has very similar features to the Chrome book which was developed by Google; the same team has also developed the Google Pixel C.

There are many visual similarities between Google Pixel C and Nexus 9. Both run Android operating systems. The only visual differences are the on-screen buttons. But that being said, both have differences as well. The main difference between Google Pixel C and Nexus 9 is their battery capacity; Google Pixel C battery has 35 % more capacity when compared to the Google Nexus 9.

Google Pixel C Review – Features and Specifications     

The Google pixel C has been finally announced where the device wants to be a hybrid, a laptop, and a tablet. This device is designed by the same team that designed the Chrome book Pixel, which was a great yet expensive product. With the release of every nexus device, a Google tablet has also been released from the year 2012. The Google Pixel C is priced high due to its high-end hardware, but the lack of productivity that comes with the Android Marshmallow 6.0.1 might be an issue with the device as a whole. 


The size of the display comes at 10.2 inches. The aspect ratio of the device comes at 3:4. The resolution of the screen stands at 2560×1800, which has a pixel density of 308 ppi.


The processor that comes with the device is Nvidia Tegra X1, and the graphics are powered by a Maxwell GPU. The memory of the device is 3GB RAM.

Design and Dimensions

The weight of the device is 1.13 pounds. The outer cover is made up of anodized aluminum. The aluminum design is similar to that of the latest Nexus 9 and the Chrome book Pixel. This device has been mainly designed to compete with productivity tablets like the Microsoft Surface Pro 4 which was released recently. Two keyboard variant also come as accessories’ to this device which needs to be bought separately.

Magnets and Keyboards

These keyboards will be able to connect to the device with the aid of magnets and with the help of Bluetooth. The keyboard is made up of leather which can also be used to close the device like a laptop to protect the screen of the device.

The magnets are strong enough to hold the Google pixel C and the keyboard together and, at the same time, with little effort, both keyboard and device can be separated. The keys on the keyboard are placed in such a way that they are large enough and separated as to differentiate each key while typing. Space on the keyboard has been used in a systematic way so that it is spacious. A key feature of the keyboard is the fact that it is capable of charging itself with the use of inductive charging when connected to the device. With this feature, the keyboard is predicted to last for a month easily, and the Google Pixel C will last for 10 hours while dependent on the battery alone.


The Google Pixel C’s 32GB edition is priced at $500, and the 64GB variant has a price tag of $600. This device also comes with a keyboard to support each variant. The device also comes with a USB Type-C cable and adapters for charging purposes of the device.

Main Difference - Google Pixel C vs Nexus 9

Google Nexus 9 Review – Features and Specifications   

The Google nexus 9 has some notably great features which include an HD display, a premium build, Android operating systems and great performance. The 8.9-inch tablet has great features that are capable of a premium device like the Apple iPad Air 2. The Google Nexus 9 is a high-end device which comes with all the features although it may not be the pinnacle of the tablets. But that being said, the Nexus 9 has focused on the important features and upgraded them appropriately so that this device is great competition to its rivals.

The tablets of these days come with a lot of features like recognition software, fingerprint sensor, and cameras which may sometimes be not important. It comes with one of the best mobile processors in the market. 


The design of the device is well crafted so that it feels comfortable in the hand. This has been manufactured by HTC, which gives the device a streamlined and smooth look. The device is solid and made of premium quality. The tablet comes in a variety of colors namely white, gold and black. The back of the device comes with a matte finish, and the corners of the device are rounded. The corners also provide a softer grip for comfort when held. The power button and the volume control button have been placed on the right edge of the device. These keys are practically camouflaged and provides the device with a perfect finish. The speakers are also hidden in front of the tablet in the same manner in order to design the tablets in perfection.

As described earlier, the tablet is comfortable to the hand. The device fits into the palm of the hand without any problem and the texture of the back panel feels great on the fingertips. Users with larger hands will find the device to fit in their hands easily, but users who have smaller hands may have to use both hands to grip the tablet properly.

Weight and Dimension

In today’s electronics industry the main aim of companies is to make their devices as slim and  thin as possible. The Google Nexus 9 is not an exception as it is on par with the slim and thinness of the iPad Air 2. The dimensions of Nexus 9 are 

Operating System

This is the first tablet to be able to run the android Lollipop 5.0 operating System. The Lollipop OS comes with Material Design, which is pleasing and beautiful on the screen. The Android Lollipop 5.0 comes with features like lock screen notifications, a new menu for settings and upgraded function of regular apps. The notifications are displayed on the lock screen itself which is a convenience. The notification can be viewed by swiping down once while swiping down twice will reveal setting like wifi, flashlight and brightness settings.


The dev64 bit ice comes with a Nvidia Tegra K1 System on Chip. The clocking speed of the processor is 2.3 GHz, which has dual cores and a Denver CPU. The Graphics is powered by a 192 core Kepler DX1 GPU.


Connectivity between other devices can be achieved with the help of 802.11ac, Wifi, NFC and Bluetooth.


The internal storage comes is 16 GB and 32 GB, and the device does not support expandable storage with the use of a microSD card. The main reason behind this is Google promoting Google’s cloud-based services rather than the expandable storage option.


The Nvidia Tegra K1 Denver chipset is a great processor to have on any device as it is able to accomplish any task without lag. The 64-bit chipset accompanied by the 64 bit OS is a powerful combination which can provide fast performance. The OS and chipset are so efficient that multiple apps can be opened and can run in the background. Multitasking can be accomplished without any issue and games can be run even while many apps are running in the background.  Web browsing with the help of Wi-Fi was quick, and the downloads were lightning fast. Large games were able to perform well with graphics which were fast sharp and smooth. Although the device is powerful, once in a while apps can become unresponsive, and crash at the same time. The tablet can be woken up with a double tap on the screen and in general, the responsiveness of the touchscreen is great.


The display is powered using IPS technology and the resolution that comes with the device is 2048X1536 pixels. The aspect ratio which is supported by the screen is 4:3. Due to the IPS display, the viewing angles will be great. The screen will not be visible enough to be view outdoors which is a disappointment. The colors are satisfactory as many of its competition like the iPad Air 2 are able to produce better colors.


The speakers are powered by HTC Boom sound speakers which are clear and loud at the same time. Although the speakers are good, there is room for improvement in the quality of these speakers.


The rear camera comes with an 8 MP resolution camera. The app that support the camera is simple and features like panoramic capture and lens blur are also available. The videos which captured with the camera are sharp, and the colors captured were realistic. The aperture of the camera is f/2.4 which enable the camera to perform well in low light conditions although if closely observed, comes with some amount of noise. The autofocus on the camera is slow, and the lag between the capture of the image and the press of the button was significantly long. This may cause the end image to be blurry and unclear.

Battery life

The battery comes with a capacity of 6300mAh, and it is capable of lasting for 13 hours. The battery is slow to charge taking up to 3 hours which can be inconvenient.Difference Between Google Pixel C and Nexus 9

Difference Between Google Pixel C and Nexus 9


Google Pixel C: The display seems to be similar to that found in the Chrome book Pixel. The outer cover is made up of anodized aluminum. The edges and the curves are smooth as well. This device also comes with an optional keyboard.

Google Nexus 9: The out shell of the device is made up of plastic. This makes the device comfortable to hold in the hand and can be held for long periods of time as well.

From a comfort point of view, the Google Nexus 9 is better than the Google Pixel C.


Google Pixel C: The display size of the device is 10.2 inches. The Pixel C comes with an aspect ratio of 1: root 2. The resolution of the display is 2560×1800. The pixel density of the device is 308 ppi. The display is clear crispier, and the color is generally well reproduced.

Google Nexus 9: The display size of the Google Nexus 9 stands at 8.9 inches. The pixel density of the device stands at 281 ppi.


Google Pixel C: The dimensions of Google Pixel C is 242 x 179 x 7 mm.

Google Nexus 9: The dimensions of Nexus 9 is 226 x 154 x 7.8 mm.


Google Pixel C: The weight of the Google Pixel C is 517 grams.

Google Nexus 9: The weight of the Google Nexus 9 is 425 grams. 

Gaming Graphics

Google Pixel C: The processor that powers the device is the NVIDIA’s Tegra X1. This processor is well optimized for gaming and graphics will produce extra detail.

Google Nexus 9: The Graphics will see less detail when compared which the graphics that are produced by the Google Pixel C.


Google Pixel C: The processor that powers the device is the NVIDIA’s Tegra X1. This processor comes with octa cores, and the graphics are powered by 256 core Maxwell GPU.

Google Nexus 9: The processor that power this device is the NVIDIA’s Tegra K1. The processor has dual cores; it also comes with the Denver CPU with 192 CUDA cores to power the graphics.

On paper, the Google Pixel C comes with the latest and the better processor. Both devices work well with the Android Marshmallow operating system installed in them. The graphics will be more detailed on the Google Pixel C.

Battery Capacity

Google Pixel C: The battery has 35 % more capacity when compared with the Google Nexus 9. This means the battery on this device will last for longer periods of time. The Google pixel C is capable of charging faster as well.  The device also comes with the new USB- C type connector for faster data transfers and faster charging.

Google Nexus 9: The battery capacity of the device stands at 6700mAh. Difference Between Google Pixel C and Nexus 9 - infographic

Google Pixel C vs Nexus 9 Summary:

Both Google Pixel C and Nexus 9 are great and feature packed. Compared with the Google Nexus 9, the Google Pixel C is larger and heavier. The Google Pixel C has a lot of features that have been upgraded when compared to Google Nexus 9. The Google Pixel C has also been designed to work as a hybrid, which comes with an optional keyboard. The Google Pixel C is a new product which comes with many upgraded features, but although the Google nexus 9 is a year old, it seems to come with many features at a lower cost when comparing it with Googles latest tablet laptop Hybrid.

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