Difference Between Its and It’s

Main Difference – Its vs  It’s

Confusing its and it’s is a very common mistake made by many people. In order to write these two words correctly, it’s important to know the difference between its and it’s. The main difference between Its and It’s is that its is the possessive form of it whereas it’s is the contraction of it is. You can get to know about its and it’s in this article.

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Its – Meaning and Usage

Its is the possessive form of the third person personal pronoun it. Its is a neutral possessor. This is similar to other possessive forms such as his, her, my, our, etc.

Look at the following sentences to understand the meaning and usage of this possessive form better. The meaning of its in each sentence is included within brackets.

The dog bit its master. (its – dog’s)

The book has lost its popularity. (its – book’s)

The wolf chased its prey. (its – wolf’s)

Your house is beautiful in its own unique way. (its – house’s)

I have to fix my door; its hinges are creaking. (its – door’s)

Although nouns use apostrophes to indicate ownership (dog’s, boys’, book’s, etc.), personal pronouns do not use apostrophes to indicate ownership.

Main Difference - Its vs It's

The house is beautiful in its own unique way.

It’s – Meaning and Usage

It’s is a contraction form standing for it is. It’s the apostrophe between it and s that misleads many people to think that it’s is a possessive form. But, as mentioned earlier, personal pronouns do not use apostrophes to indicate possession.

Look at the following examples to understand the usage of it’s better.

It’s a beautiful day.

It’s no wonder you fainted.

It’s been raining for a week.

It’s a little difficult to believe.

Do it now before it’s too late.

If you find it difficult to differentiate between its and it’s, the easiest way to avoid mistakes is to avoid it’s all together. You can also use the long form it is instead of it’s. It’s, like other contradictions, should be completely avoided in academic writing.

Difference Between Its and It's

It’s a rainy day.

Difference Between Its and It’s


Its is a possessive form of it.

It’s is a contraction standing for it is.

Type of Writing 

Its can be used in any type of writing.

It’s cannot be used in academic writing.


Its cannot be directly replaced by another term.

It’s can be replaced by it is.

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