Difference Between Light and Lite

Difference Between Light and Lite

Have you ever seen the word lite in writing somewhere and wondered what it meant? Does it mean the same as light? This is what we are going to explore in this article. As we all know, the term light has numerous uses in the English language. The main difference between light and lite is that lite is a variant spelling of light. However, lite can replace light only in certain instances. Let us explore what these instances are.

Light – Meaning and Usage

The term light has numerous functions and meanings. It can be used as a noun, verb and an adjective. Given below are some basic meanings of light.


Something that makes vision possible

The light of the moon showed us the way.

A light came on in his room.

Source of light

Please switch off the light.



Her light skin was easily burnt.

She had dark hair and light skin.

Not heavy, of little weight

Take this bag; it is light.

She is as light as a feather.

Relatively low in density, amount or intensity

The traffic was light.


Provide with light

He has forgotten to light the lamp.

Only one lamp was lit.

Main Difference - Light vs Lite

She had a light diet.

Lite – Meaning and Usage

As explained above, lite is an alternative spelling of light. However, lite is only used to convey certain meanings in certain occasions. Lite means containing fewer calories or less fat than usual. This term is mostly used in commercial writing or advertising where food companies use this adjective to describe food products. For example, look at company and brand names such as Miller Lite, Lite bite foods, Jarlsberg Lite cheese, SPAM lite, etc.

Lite is also used informally to mean denoting a simpler or less challenging version of a particular thing or person. Look at, for example, phrases like lite version, lite news, and film noir lite.

Although, this word can be used in informal contexts to refer food containing fewer calories or light version of a certain thing, keep in mind that it is not appropriate to use this variant spelling in a formal context. Moreover, lite is not an accepted variation of light in any other sense.

Difference Between Light and Lite

Difference Between Light and Lite

Grammatical Category

Light can be used as an adjective, noun and verb.

Lite is used as an adjective.


Light has numerous meanings.

Lite is a variant spelling of light in one of these meanings.


Light (as an adjective) can mean relatively low in density, amount or intensity.

Lite means containing fewer calories or less fat.


Light is used in a general context.

Lite is mostly used in relation to food products.Difference Between Light and Lite - infographic

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