Difference Between Make and Made

Main Difference – Make vs. Made

Make and Made are two verbs that refer to the same thing. That is to say that both ‘make’ and ‘made’ originate from the same verb form ‘to make’. The main difference between make and made is that ‘Make’ is the present tense of the verb while ‘Made’ is the past tense of the verb.  Let us take a closer look at this difference between Make and Made in this article.

What Does Make Mean

Make is a verb in the present tense. To make can mean to create, to prepare something, to cause something to exist or happen or to compel someone to do something. For example, “My mother is making a dress for me” means that mother is creating a new dress. Make is also used to refer to the act of putting something in a proper state. Look at the examples below to understand differences uses of the verb.

“She forgot to make the bed.”

Make a list of all his good qualities.”

“She does not even know how to make a cup of ”

“These plants make your house look ”

“She slapped him because she wanted to make him ”

“Anyone can make a mistake.”

“Do not make unnecessary trouble.”

Make is also used as a noun in some instances. If we are describing the trade name or the manufacturer of a product or referring to the structure of something, we can use ‘make’ as a noun. “He knew the make and model of every car in the garage.”

difference between make and made

She wanted to make a dress for her baby.


What Does Made Mean

Made is the simple past tense and the past participle of ‘Make.’ Made is used to describe creations, preparations, arrangements that took place in the past. For instance,

“She made the bed all over again.”

“She made a new dress for her granddaughter.”

“He kicked the door and made a dent.”

“I’ve made a date with her, can you join us?”

However, ‘made’ is especially used to indicate the composition or structure of something. More accurately, it used to indicate that something is made out of something. For example,“This dress is made of cotton.” or “This door is made of glass.”

Made can be used as an adjective when it is combined with another word. “Self-made” and “Handmade” are good examples for this.

main difference - make vs made

The door is made of wood.


Difference Between Make and Made

Verb Form of Make and Made

Make is the present tense

Made is the past tense of the verb Make.

Usage of Make and Made

Make is used as a noun when referring to the manufacturer, trade name of a product.

Made is also used as the past participle. Made is especially used when referring to the composition or origin of something (made of)

Made can be used as an adjective by combining with another word. (Ex: handmade)

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