Difference Between Resort and Hotel

Though hotels and resorts are establishments that provide temporary accommodations for guests, there is a distinct difference between them. The main purpose of a hotel is to provide comfortable, sometimes luxurious lodgings for a short period of time. However, the main purpose of a resort is not just providing lodgings, but also providing an environment for relaxation and recreation, as well. This article is going to discuss further, the difference between resort and hotel so that you can make a correct choice between them.

What is a Resort?

Resorts are places that offer relaxation and recreation in addition to accommodation, meals and other basic amnesties. Resorts are usually created near natural, scenic surroundings and offer guests a variety of recreational activities and facilities such as spa, gym, swimming pools, tours etc. They are often built on a relatively larger spread of land. A beach/seaside resort is a resort established near the waterfront and offers activities like surfing, diving, sailing, beach sports etc. Mountain/hillside resort is usually situated near a mountain and offers activities like trekking, mountain climbing, hiking etc. In simple terms, a resort is a great vacation destination.difference between resort and hotel

What is a hotel?

A hotel is an establishment that provides the guests, lodging and meals. Basically, a hotel is a place where you can stay if you are attending an event (conference, wedding, official meeting etc.) far away from home, or if you want to spend a night in a new environment. Hotels are established in popular and busy areas such as major towns and cities, near an airport, railway station etc. A resort hotel is a hotel that is located inside a resort.resort vs hotel

Difference between Resort and Hotel

As discussed above the main difference between resort and hotel, lies in their purpose. The main purpose of a resort is to offer relaxation and recreation in addition to accommodation, meals and other basic facilities while the main purpose of a hotel is to provide lodging and meals for its guests. The location of these two establishments is another difference; a resort is often established in a scenic environment while a hotel is situated in a more central, busy area. Moreover, resorts have comparatively large extents of land than hotels since they provide a variety of activities. Another difference between these two places is the free services; both of them often provide free services such as Wi-Fi, newspapers etc. However, nowadays resorts also offer free services like free transport from the airport and tickets to nearby tourist attractions. Another significant difference between resort and hotel is that, resorts are a great vacation destination for families whereas many hotels are more suited for individuals. Similarly, guests tend to stay for a longer duration in resorts while hotels are more used for overnight stays. Finally, remember that a hotel can be found inside a resort, but a resort is never situated inside a hotel.resort vs hotel-infogarphic

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