Difference Between Safe and Save

Main Difference – Safe vs Save

Safe and Save are two English words, derived from the Latin word salvus. Many English learners make the mistaking of using safe in the place of save or vice-versa. Therefore, it is very important to know the difference between these two words properly. The main difference between safe and save is that safe is an adjective while save is a verb.

Safe – Meaning and Usage

Safe is an adjective that means ‘to be protected from or not exposed to danger or risk.’

She did not feel safe inside that enormous mansion, she felt as if someone was staring at her.

No one knew whether they were safe or not, their families were desperate.

Now safe from harm, the two lovers continued their journey to Mumbai.

Safe also means ‘not likely to cause or lead to harm or injury‘.

In few more years, it will be difficult to find a safe supply of clean water in the whole world.

She agreed with them, thinking that it was a safe investment.

Don’t worry; I hid them in a safe place.

Safe indicates ‘based on good reasons or proof and not likely to be proved wrong’.

It is safe to say that he’ll be nominated as the next President.

The judge’s verdict was safe and satisfactory.

Safe also refers to ‘uninjured, with no harm done

I’ll pray for your safe return.

Two days later, He returned home, safe and sound, much to the relief of his parents.

Safe as a noun refers to a strong cabinet with a complex lock that is used for storage purposes.

Main Difference - Safe vs Save

There is no safe place like home.

Save – Meaning and Usage

Save is a verb that refers to the act of rescuing someone from danger or harm.

Doctors saved her life by diagnosing the disease quickly, otherwise she would have died.

They were saved by a group of teenagers who was passing by.

Superheroes always save the world, that’s why they are called superheroes.

It also means keep and store something for future use.

She is always trying to save money.

The researchers have a found a new method to save energy.

I can never save my salary, money slips through my fingers, like water,

In Sports like Soccer and Baseball, save refers to the act of preventing an opponent from scoring. Save is used as a noun in such occasions.

Difference Between Safe and Save

Save Earth !
Plant a tree…

Difference Between Safe and Save

Now that we have looked these two words separately, you must now understand the difference between save and safe. Look at the sentences below , which uses the both words, to clarify this difference further. 

You should save your money in a safe place.

Safe driving can save many lives.

They took the children to a safe house in order to save their lives.

Save water, be safe from the water.

Let us now summarize the difference between Safe and Save,


Safe mainly functions as an adjective

Save mainly functions as a verb.


Safe means to be protected from danger.

Save means to rescue or preserve.Difference between safe and save - info

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