Difference Between Samsung Galaxy A7 and A7 (2016)

Main Difference – Samsung Galaxy A7 vs A7 (2016)

The main difference between Samsung Galaxy A7 and A7 (2016) is that Samsung Galaxy A7  is thinner whereas Samsung Galaxy A7 (2016) has a larger battery capacity, better memory and has Optical Image stabilization features. Both devices were released this year and the most recently released Samsung Galaxy A7 is one of the first non-flagship phones which is capable of supporting Samsung Pay for the first time. It is also rumored that a fingerprint scanner will also be available with the device. Let us takes a closer look at both devices and get to know the major differences to expect on this latest model.

Samsung Galaxy A7 Review – Features and Specifications

The Samsung A7 smart phone is very much similar to the Samsung A5 and the Samsung A3 in many aspects but is an enlarged version of the two devices. The frame is larger while the screen quality, as well as the power of the chipset, have been upgraded comparatively.


The size of the display of the device stands at 5.5 inches just 0.2 inches shy of the Samsung Galaxy Note 4, which comes with a screen size of 5.7 inches. The Samsung A5 comes with a screen size of 5 inches whereas the Samsung Galaxy A3 has a screen size of 4.5 inches respectively. The large screen is becoming very popular, and the Samsung Galaxy A7 is following in its steps. Compared with other flagship phones which come with the same screen size, the Samsung Galaxy A7 is much cheaper and will be ideal for the budget consumer. Although Samsung Galaxy A5 and Samsung Galaxy A3 come with QHD screens which support only 720p resolution, the Samsung Galaxy Aa7 comes with a super AMOLED screen which supports a resolution of 1080p.

The display is visible even in bright conditions and the produce screen images that had vivid and crisp colors. The pixel density of the device is 401 ppi which is impressive for a non-flagship phone.


The Samsung comes with expandable storage capabilities, which is a welcome feature as many flagship phones are putting away this feature. This has been placed in the right side of the device near the SIM card slot. The built in storage of the device comes with 16 GB, which can be further expanded to 64 GB thanks to the micro SD card.


The phone has been designed in a way that it is very slim and beautiful at the same time. The thickness of the phone is measured only  at 6.3 mm, and it was the slimmest smartphone at that time. The slimness of the phone also gives comfort to the hand even though the screen size and the overall phone is large. Due to the metal and glass finish, the phone comes with it has a premium.


The device is powered by a Snapdragon 615 chipset. This chipset is an improved version when comparing it with the Samsung Galaxy A5 which comes with, a Snapdragon 410 chipset. The memory on the device stands at 2GB which will be enough for multitasking.


The rear camera of the device comes with 13 MP resolution which will be able to produce a detailed and sharp image due to the amount of pixel packed into the image. The camera will be able to capture images which will be captured on a standard compact camera.

The front facing camera will come with a 5MP resolution which can capture crisp and clear selfies. There are two features on this camera: auto selfie for normal selfies and ultra-wide shot wide for group selfies Additional features on the camera include geo tagging, face detection and touch focus for capturing perfect shots.Main Difference - Samsung Galaxy A7 vs Samsung Galaxy A7 (2016)

Samsung Galaxy A7 (2016) Review – Features and Specifications

The Samsung Galaxy S series phones and the Samsung Galaxy Note series phones are the devices that get most of the attention in the Samsung smartphone family, but there is another phone series that should get the same attention as its flagship cousins. The more affordable Samsung Galaxy A series phones, will be the second generation A series devices to be available in most parts of the world and will mainly target budget consumers. This device is actually an upgrade of the previously launched Samsung Galaxy A series devices.


The screen size of the device stands at 5.5 inches, which come with narrower bezels for more screen real-estate and sleeker that its predecessor. This design has been mainly based on the Samsung Galaxy S6. The displays are sharp and crisp providing a resolution of 1080p. The screen is powered by super AMOLED technology which is considered to be one of the best displays around.


The power under the hood comes from a 1.6 GHz octa core processor which will be efficient in running most of today’s applications in an effective manner. 


The unique feature of the camera is namely the Optical Image Stabilization feature which will enable the device to capture burr free images and produce clearer images in low light conditions. The rear camera comes with a 16 MP resolution whereas the front facing camera is able to provide a resolution of 5MP which is great in producing crisp and clear selfies. The aperture of the device is f/1.9.


The device comes with a built-in storage of 16 GB, which can be expanded with the use of a micro SD card. This can turn out to be a key feature as expandable storage is fast disappearing from flagship devices.

Samsung Pay

The Samsung Galaxy A7 and the Samsung Galaxy A5 are the first non-flagship devices to support Samsung Pay. 


This smart phone will be fist launched in China in mid-December, which will be followed by the release to other countries.  Although Samsung is on top of the high end phone category, it’s not the same story when comparing it with the mid-range phone sales. This release is also mainly targeting its Chinese rival which are producing feature packed phones for an affordable rate.Difference between Samsung Galaxy A7 vs Samsung Galaxy A7 (2016)

Difference Between Samsung Galaxy A7 and A7 (2016)


Samsung Galaxy A7 dimensions are 151 x 76.2 x 6.3 mm and the weight of the device is 141g.

Samsung Galaxy A7 (2016) dimensions are 151.5 x 74.1 x 7.3 mm and the weight of the device is 172g.

The thickness of the Samsung Galaxy A7 device has increased mainly due to the bigger battery which is able to provide a better battery capacity than its predecessor. The latest model has a slight decrease in the width of the phone mainly due to the narrower bezels with the same 5.5-inch screen size for both devices.


Samsung Galaxy A7 does not come with optical image stabilization features.

Samsung Galaxy A7 (2016) supports optical image stabilization.

The OIS feature can be a game changer when it comes to clearer and crisp images as well as capturing images in low light conditions.


Samsung Galaxy A7 is powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 615 processor which clocks a speed of 1500 MHz and comes with an octa core processor. The supported Architecture is 64 bits and cores are ARM cortex A53. The supported memory is 2GB.

The Samsung Galaxy A7 (2016) processor clocks a processing speed of 1600MHz and comprises of a 64-bit architecture. The memory that comes with the device is 3GB.

The memory on the latest model is higher by 1GB, but both devices will perform well in multitasking environments.


Samsung Galaxy A7 comes with 16 GB built-in storage which can be expanded with the use of a micro SD card to up to 64 GB.

Samsung Galaxy A7 (2016) comes with 16 GB built-in storage which can be expanded with the use of a micro SD card to up to 128 GB.

Both phones feature expandable storage, but the Samsung Galaxy A7 (2016) edition is capable of supporting and additional 64 GB storage on the expandable memory.

Battery Capacity

Samsung Galaxy A7 comes with a battery that has a capacity of 2600 mAh.

Samsung Galaxy A7 (2016) comes with a battery that has a capacity of 3300 mAh.

The battery capacity of the latest edition is considerably larger by 700mAh which will outperform its predecessor when comparing on which device will last for a longer period.


From a mid-range phone point of view, the Samsung Galaxy A7 can be classified as an impressive device due to the features it offers and the premium look. The screen size and the quality of the screen are a highlight of the device which comes with the same features as with some flagship phones. The font facing camera is also a feature of the device which is comparable to a flagship device.

The Samsung Galaxy A7 (2016) on the other hand is also a feature packed phone with which Samsung Electronics mainly target the budget consumers and to compete with similar mid-range devices.  The notable upgrades include a slightly faster processor, OIS feature on the camera, better memory, better battery capacity, Samsung Pay support capabilities and a comparatively larger expandable storage capability.Difference Between Difference Between Samsung Galaxy A7 and Samsung Galaxy A7 (2016) - infographic

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