Difference Between Wolf and Wolverine

The main difference between wolf and wolverine is that wolf is a canid common in forest areas whereas wolverine is a weasel mainly found in arctic places in the northern hemisphere. Further, wolves live in packs while wolverine lives segregated, attacking each other for their spaces.

Wolf and wolverine are carnivorous mammals. Wolf is the largest among canids. Wolverine is the largest weasel and is also known as glutton or skunk bear.

Key Areas Covered

1. Wolf
     – Definition, Characteristics, Behaviour 
2. Wolverine
     – Definition, Characteristics, Behaviour 
3. What are the Similarities Between Wolf and Wolverine
     – Outline of Common Features
4. What is the Difference Between Wolf and Wolverine
     – Comparison of Key Differences

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Difference Between Wolf and Wolverine - Comparison Summary

Wolf – Definition, Characteristics, Behaviour 

A wolf is a wild carnivorous mammal that belongs to the family Canidae. It is native to North America and Eurasia. Wolves live and hunt in groups called packs. The most characteristic features of wolves are their tall stature, long legs, and pricked ears. The color of the fur depends on the habitat. 

Difference Between Wolf and Wolverine

Figure 1: Eurasian Wolf

Wolves are social predators that hunt in packs made up of 7-8 members. The typical strategy of hunting is wearing down the prey by chasing it and then hunting it.

Wolverine – Definition, Characteristics, Behaviour 

A wolverine refers to a mostly dark brown wild animal with shaggy fur. It resemble a small bear. However, wolverines belong to the family Mustelidae. Wolverines live in the forests of North America. The most significant features of wolverines are their rounded head, short ears and short legs. Their body is stocky. The short legs and large paws facilitate the movement on the snow. The fur is oily and black to dark brown in color. 

Main Difference - Wolf and Wolverine

Figure 2: Wolverine

Wolverines are solitary animals that prefer scavenging rather than hunting. They also feed on the carrion left behind by the wolves. They always tend to fight for territorial disputes.

Similarities Between Wolf and Wolverine

  • Wolf and Wolverine are carnivorous mammals.
  • They are the largest of their family.
  • Both hunt for their prey.
  • They may live in cold habitats and fur covers the body.

Difference Between Wolf and Wolverine


Wolf: A wild carnivorous mammal that belongs to the family Canidae

Wolverine: A heavily built short-legged carnivorous mammal with a long brown coat and a bushy tail


Wolf: Canidae

Wolverine: Mustelidae

Lives in

Wolf: North America, North Africa, and Eurasia

Wolverine: The isolated regions of Alaska, Scandinavia, northern Canada, Siberia, Mongolia, Russia, and northern China


Wolf: Mainly inhabits forest areas

Wolverine: Mainly inhabits cold areas


Wolf: Lives in packs

Wolverine: Lives segregated


Wolf: Do not attack each other within the pack

Wolverine: Attack each other for space


Wolf: Tall

Wolverine: Stockier


Wolf: Have pricked ears and longer legs

Wolverine: Have rounded heads, short, rounded ears, and shorter legs

Fur Color

Wolf: Depend on the habitat; black, brown, grey, white, beige, reddish

Wolverine: Black to dark brown


Wolf: 41-63 in length, 32-34 shoulder height, 40-175 lbs weight

Wolverine: 25-34 inches in length, 7-10 inches height, 22-55 lbs weight

Hunting Techniques

Wolf: Wear down the prey by chasing it and then hunt it

Wolverine: Scavenges rather than hunt; feeds on the leftover of the wolves

Running Speed

Wolf: Fast

Wolverine: Slow

Pregnancy Last for

Wolf: 62-75 days

Wolverine: 30-50 days

Number of Offspring

Wolf: 5-6 pups

Wolverine: 2-3 pups


Wolf is a canid while wolverine is a weasel. Both are the largest members of their respective families. Both are carnivorous mammals. The main difference between wolf and wolverine is the taxonomic group.


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