How Does ClickBank Work

In this article, we’ll look at ‘how does ClickBank work.’ ClickBank is an online affiliate marketing platform that connects vendors and affiliate partners. The vendors can sell their products on ClickBank, and affiliate partners can promote vendors’ products on their own websites, earning commissions each time their promotion results in a sale. Therefore, this is a platform that helps both vendors and affiliate partners. Both these parties can earn money through ClickBank.

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What is ClickBank

ClickBank is a global retailer having its own affiliate marketplace. It’s home to thousands of digital products like software, videos, and e-books. It acts as a middleman between vendors (individuals or businesses that sell products) and affiliate marketers. Vendors can sell their products on ClickBank, while affiliates can promote these products and get a commission from each sale they generate. ClickBank was founded in 1998, and today it has over two hundred million customers all around the globe.

What are the Pros and Cons of ClickBank

Like any other online platform, ClickBank also has its own pros and cons.

Pros of ClickBank

  • You can earn very high commissions with ClickBank. This is because they mainly sell digital products, which don’t usually have high production costs.
  • Payment occurs very fast, usually weekly or bi-weekly.
  • It’s very easy to join and accepts newcomers.
  • Their payment method is Payoneer, which is a digital wallet that helps you make payments anywhere in the world.
  • ClickBank has thousands of products available from various categories like Health & Fitness, Cooking, Food and Wine, E-Business & E-Marketing, and Self-Improvement.

Cons of ClickBank

  • High commissions on this platform also attract spammers and scammers.
  • Some of the products available might be very low quality.
  • Popular products have very high competition, and it’s often difficult to find good products with low competition.
  • If a vendor wants to attract good affiliates, he/she may have to offer big commissions (this also serves as a benefit for affiliates).

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How Does ClickBank Work

How to Earn Money with ClickBank

Your Own Product on ClickBank

In ClickBank, there are two basic ways to make money. The first method is creating your own product and listing them on ClickBank. It’s very easy to promote your digital products and services with ClickBank. When you join ClickBank as a vendor, you will have to pay a one-time activation fee. Once you pay this and add your own product to its database, they will manage the sales process and also make your product visible to affiliate marketers in ClickBank. You can also select the commission percentage you want to pay for ClickBank users who are willing to promote your product. When other ClickBank users promote your product on their website, this will bring traffic to the product page on your website and increase your sales. 

Affiliate Marketing on ClickBank

The other way to make money on ClickBank is promoting other people’s products and earning a commission from each product. As we mentioned above, the commission is actually set by the vendor. The commission rate can range between 1% to 75%.

There’s no charge to join ClickBank as an affiliate marketer. You can make an account very easily and start promoting the links of other vendors and drive traffic to them. You can also promote as many products as you like. However, you should select products to promote very carefully. If you select the wrong products, you may not be able to make any sales. Always select products that convert well and offer good commissions.

Now that you know how ClickBank works, you can use it to earn money, either as a vendor or an affiliate marketer.


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