How to enable VoLTE in iPhone

Enable VoLTE or HD Calling in iPhone

VoLTE is a service offered in 4G network to make very high quality voice calls. In order to enjoy this feature, you need to enable the VoLTE calling option in your handset. VoLTE runs on reserved bandwidth via 4G data connection to connect SIP network (IMS Network) of your operator using VoIP protocol. This gives better quality voice calling, (HD Voice) lesser time in call setup and more battery usage.

Generally, there is no additional charges imposed for VoLTE calls nor any additional data will be consumed from your data allowance. Voice calling using VoLTE will be charged as like your normal voice plan, which you have contracted with your mobile operator.

In Apple phone family, currently, iPhone SE, iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus can support VoLTE. However, beyond these models, any other phones released recently too will definitely support VoLTE and will be configured by default to users thus, you may need not to reconfigure.

How to configure VoLTE / Enabling HD calling in iPhone    

To enable VoLTE in iPhone follow the following steps.                                                                  

  • Step 1 – Go to iPhone Settings

How to enable VoLTE in iPhone_ Step 1

  • Step 2 – Select Mobile Data Options

How to enable VoLTE in iPhone_Step 2

  • Step 3 – Enable 4G

How to enable VoLTE in iPhone_Step 3

  • Step 4 – Select Voice & Data (Here you are selecting 4G to carry voice and data)

How to enable VoLTE in iPhone_Step 4

How to confirm you are VoLTE enabled?

After enabling VoLTE, try to make a voice call and check whether you are still connected with 4G network or fallen back to 3G network? If you are fallen back to 3G network, then the VoLTE is not active or not enabled. In some cases, VoLTE is enabled but not working, then restart your mobile device to activate your configuration changes. Once it’s restarted you can make VoLTE calls.

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