How to Find a Good Red Wine

If you are a wine lover knowing the know how to find a good red wine is essential. Wine is a drink that is alcoholic in nature and it is made through fermentation of grapes and some other fruits. It is very popular all over the world and consumed in large quantities by its lovers.It is served as a social drink in many festivals and events and millions remain passionate about its smell and flavor. Not all wines are created equal and red wine is more popular than other types of wines. You are likely to treat all red wines as same if you are not a connoisseur. If you do not know how to find a good red wine, you will never be able to get to red wines that smell and taste almost divine. This article tries to explain the steps that will help you in finding good quality red wine.

Facts to know to Find a Good Red Wine

Region of origin is no guaranty of good red wine

For a very long time, the best wines were associated with particular regions of the world. This allowed people to tell if a wine was good or not if they knew about its origins. However, wine is being produced in every corner of the world today and the geographical basis for being a good wine has somewhat lost its relevance. You cannot say that a wine is good just because it is coming from Italy, France or Spain that are regarded as the makers of best quality red wine. You have to rely now upon your senses to tell if a wine is good quality or not. If you are not a connoisseur, the best way is to open and make use of your senses to tell if the red wine is good or not.

Smell of red wine

Your nose is above your mouth and responds to the aroma even before you have gulped down the first sip. Red wines have a distinct aroma that you should try to smell. If you get a fruity smell, it is a good wine but if you get the smell of flowers, what you have in your hands is not a good red wine as these wines do not have a floral smell. If you get an odor that feels like a wet newspaper, the red wine does not deserve to be categorized as a good one. The more you gain perfection in sniffing red wines, the better you will get in sorting good ones from bad ones. If the smell of the red wine is good, chances are that it will also taste good.

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Balance of the wine

What is meant by the balance of the wine? The balance of the wine is achieved through proper mixing of the ingredients in such a way that you do not notice acidity, fruitiness, tannin or alcoholic taste standing out to bother you. If you do not get tears in your eyes after gulping the first sip of the red wine, it means that it is not acidic in nature. When everything is in a perfect balance, you feel a certain kind of freshness rather than one of these aspects of the wine. The fruit base is in plenty but not overpowering, the alcoholic content is not too high, and the acidity is also under check. This is how balance is attained by a good red wine.

Depth of the wine

Good red wine will certainly taste fruity but is it all that is to be felt? No, as you will notice other aspects when you swirl the sip inside your mouth. Can you feel the other layers beyond the fruity taste? If you can detect a nut or a chocolate in between the grapes, you have a good quality red wine with depth.

How does it finish

Does the flavor last for sufficient time? This is a good way to judge the quality of a good red wine. If the taste lingers on in your mouth for some time after you have gulped it down, you have a good red wine in your hands.

How to find a good red wine

The more you practice feeling these aspects of red wine, the more you gain in confidence and become able to tell if the red wine you have in your hands is good or not.


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