How to Find Cheap Flights

Most travellers love it when they get cheap air tickets. In fact, it is the desire of most, if not all, to find ways to avail cheapest air tickets for their travel purposes. There can be no denying the fact that prices of air tickets have gone up considerably in the last few years, and any saving on air tickets is a big relief for the travelers. Yes, there are low airfare airlines and there is also a concept of frequent flyer to help you in this regard. Rising oil prices and material costs have meant that you cannot expect dirt cheap air tickets anymore. However, there are many more ways in which you can find cheap flights. Let us see how.

Tips to find cheap flights

Book early

Price of air tickets vary with time of the year and even whether you are flying on weekdays or weekends. However, most airlines sell cheap tickets to raise money,but their only condition is that the passenger should buy tickets in advance. If you know you have to go to a place later in the year, try to book as early as possible to avail heavily discounted air tickets.

Adopt a flexible approach towards dates

If you want to save money on air tickets, you have to be flexible as far as dates of flying are concerned. It goes without saying that the month of December is the costliest in terms of airfares as most families are going on vacations. Same is the case with July 4, Thanksgiving Day, New Year’s Eve, Summer holidays and so on. Even avoid weekends as most people fly on holidays. Concentrate upon days after major holidays as airlines have low business during this time.

Be flexible with destinations and carriers too

Most people make the mistake of buying air tickets to major tourist destinations when they can get cheaper air tickets if they fly to an adjacent city. Similarly, instead of flying with very famous airlines, try booking ticket with a low fare airline or a secondary airline. Instead of executive or business class, travel ordinary class, to save on your hard earned money.

Try different routes

There are times when a direct flight to a destination is costly, but if you are prepared to take a break-in between and hop from one airport to another to reach the destination, you might save a lot of money. Ask for such deals from your travel agent or search on the internet.

Avail frequent flyer miles

If you are a frequent flyer, it pays to make use of your accumulated points to save on your next air ticket. This way you remain a loyal customer of a particular airline,and it pays incentives to you in the form of discounts on air tickets.

Sign up for alerts from airlines and travel agents

If you are not very active in conducting searches on the internet regarding low priced air tickets, leave it on airlines and travel agents by opting to be in their mailing lists. They will send you promotional offers and discount packages,and you can act accordingly whenever you find a lucrative deal. However, to avail a beneficial offer, you have to remain prepared to pack and get going at short notice.

These are some good tips to follow if you want to avail cheap air tickets. Remember that flexibility is the key to finding low-cost air tickets. Be flexible in dates and destinations and you can get attractive discounts on air fares.

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