How to Get a Guy to Like You

If you are a girl crazy about a guy, you want him to feel about you the same way. It is true that you cannot force someone to like you unless he is himself interested in you, you can certainly try certain things to develop his feelings for you. It looks straightforward and easy, but not so easy to follow in real life. To get a guy to like you is tricky in the sense that you cannot go overboard in your efforts as they may backfire. However,there are some sure shot ways to charm a boy that are also time-tested. This article contains useful tips to get a guy interested in you.

How to Get a Guy to Like You |

Five Great Tips on How to Get a Guy to Like You

You need not have a perfect 10 figure or gorgeous face to get his attention

A guy starts to like a girl not because she has a sweet nature or very good personality, but because of her looks and how she behaves. This does not mean you have to be very sexy and hot like a Hollywood celebrity. Just dress up in attractive clothes (not too provocative) and wear light makeup. Behave as if you are better than other girls but do not be too naughty. There is no harm in acting a bit sexy as guys love girls who are fashionable and dressed in latest trendy clothes. Flaunt your curves but take care to not look slutty as guys hate such girls and never take them seriously. Try to look confident and respectable as guys love to have girlfriends whom they can introduce to their mother and sister. Most guys fall for appearances so make sure you are always well dressed good looking when he is around.

Body language is important

You do not need to tell him in words that you like him and want him to like you. There is much nonverbal communication that you can conduct with your body and eyes. In fact, just the way you look at him when he catches your glimpse in a crowded room can let him know that you are interested in him. To get a guy to like you, give him your attention but do not fall head over heels to catch him at every place that he goes. Men like girls that they have to work hard to woo. This is because a man never appreciates the true value of a thing if he gets it very easily. Your body language should be such so as to keep him interested in you.

Chat with his friends and impress them

Talk to his friends and be warm and friendly with them. Enquire about him with his friends but only casually. They will surely convey their feelings about you to your guy and he will be forced to take an interest in you. To get a guy to like you, you have to arouse feelings of jealousy in him. He will notice the fact that you are special and liked by your friends. You can be pretty sure that your man will start to think about you when his friends tell him that you have asked about him.

Make your guy feel like a man

Take an interest in the guy you are crazy about. When you get a chance to talk to him, ask about his family, parents, and job, anything that will keep the conversation going and make him feel that you are genuinely interested in him. Boys are puppies trapped inside a cage in a pet shop. To get a guy to like you, you have to fake interest in him and he will become addicted to this interest.

Sex is always on the minds of guys

Do not be put off if your guy is sexually interested in you. It is natural and you can take advantage of this feeling by titillating him with casual body contact. You can easily get a guy to like you if you can arouse sexual feelings in him.

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