How to go to Nepal from Delhi

Nepal is a small, landlocked country in the lap of the Himalayas. It has a long border with India that stretches the Indian states of Uttar Pradesh and Bihar. Nepal also has a border with the eastern Indian state of Sikkim. It is very easy to plan a trip from New Delhi to this beautiful Himalayan country. If you do not know how to go to Nepal from Delhi, read on to know how you can do so easily. You can choose to go there by air, by train or bus. You can even go to Nepal from New Delhi by your vehicle if you have an experienced driver who knows how to drive safely in mountainous terrain.

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How to go to Nepal form Delhi – By Air

Nepal may be a foreign country for the Indians, but you do not require a passport and a visa to go there. Nepal is a friend country that accords a warm welcome to all Indian tourists. Indians are free to go to Nepal as are all Nepalis and thus Indo-Nepal border is a very porous one. Going to Nepal by air from Delhi is the most convenient way for those who do not mind paying an airfare in the vicinity of around INR 5000. The aerial distance between New Delhi and Tribhuvan International Airport in Kathmandu is around 832 km. There are six airlines currently operating on this route, and you can check and compare their timings and fare to choose the most convenient flight. It takes only one hour and thirty minutes to reach the capital city of Nepal from New Delhi by flight.

How to go to Nepal from Delhi – By Train

The best way to go to Nepal from New Delhi by train is to go to Gorakhpur, a city in Uttar Pradesh. From Gorakhpur, you can take a bus ride or shared jeep drive to Nepal border that takes around three hours. Therefore, you must board a train from New Delhi that arrives in the early morning in Gorakhpur. Going on a bus or jeep in the morning also enables you to catch the breathtaking natural scenery. There is a point called Sonauli from where you have to board a bus to reach Nepal. Train Number 15708 departs from New Delhi at 3:30 PM and arrives in Gorakhpur at 5:50 AM in the morning. The fare of the bus from Sonauli that will take you to Kathmandu is around 500 rupees.

If you want to enter Nepal on a train via India, it is possible. The only direct train between India and Nepal is through a station called Jaynangar in Bihar that takes you into Nepal in a city called Janakpur Dham. However, travelling to this point in Bihar from New Delhi can be long and arduous.

How to go to Nepal from Delhi – By Road

You can go to Nepal from Delhi via road also. There are direct bus services from Delhi to Nepal. This bus service takes you from New Delhi to Pokhra, a tourist hub in western Nepal. This bus route passes through Bhairawah, a small city that is the gateway to the birth place of Lord Buddha. However, take this bus route to Nepal only if you can withstand two days of journey.

Though you do not require visa to visit Nepal, do not forget to carry one of the following documents along with you when you plan to make a trip to Nepal from New Delhi.

• Passport
• D/L with photo
• Voter card ID with photo
• Ration card with photo 

(Note: the fares and times quoted in this article may change with time.)


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