How to Go to Shimla from Delhi

Shimla is a charming hill station in the northern state of Himachal Pradesh in India. It is close to New Delhi, the capital of India and lies approximately 347 km from it. This is a very small distance and you can easily go to Shimla from Delhi by air, by train and bus or taxi. You can also go to Shimla from Delhi by your vehicle. However, if you are in Delhi and do not know how to travel from Delhi to Shimla, this article takes a close look at all the options available for you.

How to go to Shimla from Delhi |


How to go to Shimla from Delhi – By Flight

While the road distance between Delhi and Shimla is around 350 km, it is just 273km if you try to reach there by air. However, there is no direct flight between Delhi and Shimla and you need to take a flight between Delhi and Chandigarh. From Chandigarh, it is just a 90km journey to Shimla that you can undertake by train, bus or taxi. It takes just 2-3 hours to reach Shimla from Chandigarh. You have to take flight from Jet Connect (flight number S2 4238) at Indira Gandhi International Airport at 16:10 that will take you to Chandigarh Airport in just 45 minutes. Airfare for this flight is around Rupees 2500. From Chandigarh, you can easily reach Shimla by bus and the fare is Rupees 217. This journey by road takes around three hours.

How to go to Shimla from Delhi – By train

The most popular way to travel from Delhi to Shimla is by train even though there is no direct train between these two stations. This is because broad gauge ends at Kalkaji station and you have to board a narrow gauge train from Kalka to Shimla. However, no one minds this changeover as the journey from Kalka to Shimla on a toy train is worth every minute that you spend on this train. There are many trains between Delhi and Kalka, and you have to make sure that you are there at Kalka station to board the cute and adorable toy train called Himalayan Queen on time. This train departs Kalka at 12:10 PM every day. There is another train called Shivalik Deluxe Express that departs early in the morning at 5:30 AM from Kalka station. You can enjoy the rising sun on this train and also get free breakfast. The track between Kalka and Shimla is one of the world heritage rail sites of UNESCO. If you have a family with small kids, it is better to take the toy train even though it takes longer because of hilly terrain. This is because of the beautiful and breathtaking natural scenery that you can see sitting on this train as it ascends the hills and reaches Shimla.

Delhi to Shimla - Train |

How to go to Shimla from Delhi – By bus

Travel from Delhi to Shimla is most economical by bus. There are direct roads from Delhi to Shimla and the distance by road is 370 km that you can cover in nine hours. There are not only many private bus operators, but also HPTDC providing its services for travel between Delhi and Shimla. You can choose between ordinary, deluxe and A/C buses depending upon your liking and budget. Fare of these buses ranges between Rupees 216 and 1000 per person.

How to go to Shimla from Delhi – By taxi

You can also travel to Shimla from Delhi by hiring a private taxi. It is a very comfortable and convenient way of travelling between Delhi and Shimla if you have small kids or seniors going along with you. Taxi fares range between Rupees 7000 and Rupees 10000 for a round trip.

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