How to Identify Pure Honey

Since pure organic honey is a healthy food and the demand for it is increasing, the markets are selling honey under a variety of labels, therefore, knowing how to identify pure honey can be an advantage when you to shop. Honey has been used by man since time immemorial because of its sweetness and the flavor it imparts to recipes. Honey is a natural sweet food product made by honeybees. We are well aware of its health benefits and its abilities to cure many ailments. Because of its craze among the people, market is flooded with pure as well as fake or artificial honey products. If you do not know how to identify pure honey, you can easily buy artificial honey. This article will arm you with information that will make it easy for you to buy pure honey.

Simple tests to identify pure honey

Water test

Take a drop of honey from the bottle and pour it in a glass of water. If it is pure honey, the drop would reach the base of the glass and settle there. Artificial honey will start to dissolve before reaching the base of the glass.

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Slide test

Pour a little honey on a plate and then tilt this plate. If honey slides down like a snake without leaving a mark behind, it is pure but if rolls down spreading over the plate, you have artificial honey in your hand.

Weather test

Pure honey undergoes contraction during winter and melts during the summer. On the other hand, artificial honey has the same consistency all through the year.

Mark test

Drop honey over a piece of cloth and remove it with a spoon. If no mark is left behind, you have pure honey. On the other hand, if it leaves some mark, it is artificial honey.

Transparency test

Pure honey is transparent and you can easily look through the bottle of pure honey. On the other hand, artificial honey is only semi-transparent.

How to identify pure honey

Pure honey burns easily

Dip a match stick from the other end and place it under fire. If it burns completely and easily, it is pure honey. If it does not burn completely or you hear a cracking sound when you try to burn it , you have impure honey.

Ants test

Bees add additives to honey they make to protect it from insects. If ants hover around your honey, it is impure honey. On the other hand, if they do not hover on your honey, it is pure.


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