How to Reach Agra from Delhi

As once you are in Delhi, the capital of India, the thought you must plan a visit to Agra crosses your mind, it is good to know how to reach Agra from Delhi beforehand. This visit is important because Agra is very close by, and also because it is where the world famous historical monument of Taj Mahal is. This timeless wonder called Taj Mahal is a historical monument that was built by the Mughal emperor Shah Jehan in memory of his wife Mumtaz Mahal. There are also other tourist attractions like the Agra Fort and the nearby Fatehpur Sikri. If you do not know how to reach Agra from Delhi, read on to learn about various modes of transport.

Agra is an important city in the north Indian state called Uttar Pradesh. The distance of Agra from Delhi is just 204km. It is possible to make one-day trip to Agra from Delhi if you start early in the day as you can visit the tourist attractions in a few hours and return to Delhi in the evening. This is if you do not mind seeing the Taj Mahal in daylight as there are many who cannot resist the desire to see this charming monument at night.

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How to Reach Agra from Delhi – By Flight

The fastest method of reaching Agra from Delhi is, of course, by air. Daily flights conducted by Indian Airlines can take you to Agra from Delhi in merely 30 minutes. You have to catch a taxi or auto rickshaw to reach the hotel in the city that lies 5 km from Kheria airport in Agra.

How to Reach Agra from Delhi – By train

Most tourists prefer to take the train route to reach Agra from Delhi. This is because it is very convenient and comfortable and trains take only 2-3 hours to reach Agra from Delhi. There are many trains between these two stations, but the fastest is Bhopal Shatabdi that takes just 2 hours to take you to Agra. This train leaves Delhi in the morning at 6 AM and reaches Agra at 8 AM. You can catch the same train in the evening to return to Delhi as it leaves Agra at 8:30PM in the evening and arrives in Delhi at 10:30PM. Another good train for Agra from Delhi is Taj express Superfast if you cannot catch the early morning Shatabdi. This train leaves from Hazrat Nizamuddin at 7:10 AM and reaches Agra at 10:07 AM.

How to reach Agra from Delhi

How to Reach Agra from Delhi – By bus

The road connecting Delhi and Agra is in a very good condition and thus you are also opt to cover the distance on a bus. You can easily catch an AC or non AC bus if you get down to Idgah bus stand as buses leave for Agra every few minutes from here. You can also take the bus to Agra at ISBT bus stand.

How to Reach Agra from Delhi – By taxi or own car

Taxis run by private operators ply between Agra and Delhi. You can book a taxi for a full day to avoid paying high charges. This taxi will take you to Agra and also bring you back to Delhi in the evening. The charges for 8 hours or a full day are Rupees 950. There is nothing better than having your own car to go to Agra from Delhi as you do not have to rush things in an attempt to get back in time.


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