How to Write a Cover Letter

A good cover letter introduces you, matches the skills and expertise required by the job role to what you possess and basically covers everything that a resume is not able to express. Therefore, it goes without saying that a good cover letter can indeed, get you to many places. But how does one write a cover letter that is effective?

1. Research first – Find out more about the company, its culture and the challenges that the company is facing at the moment before you start to write a cover letter. . This gives you an insight into the tone that you may need to use in the letter as well as define how your role would become instrumental in handling these issues. Next, find out more about the job role that you are applying for. This may give you an insight on how to apply your skills and expertise into the role that the company is after.

2. Open strong – When you write a cover letter give it a good opening, which will always grab the reader’s attention while urging him or her to read on. This is true to almost anything whether it be a cover letter, a novel or a TV program. Starting with how exciting you find this job and how perfect you are for it would be a great and enthusiastic opening that is sure to stir one’s interest.

3. Priority to personal value – Prove that you will be an asset that it well worth investing in. Emphasize how your expertise, experience and skills can help solve some of the most burning issues prevalent in the society today that are also common to that of the company. Share relevant experiences and incidents where you have helped solve similar problems.

4. Enthusiasm – Enthusiasm is often a sure sign that conveys the personality. Furthermore, it would display the person’s attitude towards the job role and towards life in general. However, avoid gushing and superficial flattery at any cost as this would make you sound immature. Use professional language and present valid points as to why this specific position in this specific company excites you the way it does.

5. Spellings & grammar – Avoid spelling and grammar mistakes in your cover letter. Good language displays one’s confidence as well as thoroughness while also showcasing attention to detail.

6. Short and sweet – While keeping the cover letter under a page is the norm, it is mostly advised to make it shorter. Long rantings will only bore the reader thereby creating a negative impression even before getting to the resume.

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