How to Write a Scholarship Essay

This article presents details about scholarship essay such as what specifically a scholarship essay is, the purpose of writing a scholarship essay, format of a scholarship essay, and also tips to write a scholarship essay.

What is a scholarship essay?

Among the numerous types of essays available out in the world, scholarship essay is referred to as an essay written with a view to obtain a scholarship one is applying to. In order to apply for a course in a college or university, some students seek the support of a scholarship which usually provides grants for financial particulars, tuition fees, living costs, etc.To obtain a scholarship is quite challenging and a candidate applying for a scholarship is most likely to encounter competition with the high number of applications sent in for the same scholarship. Applying for a scholarship requires, with many other documents, an essay written by the candidate explaining who he/she is, why do they need the scholarship, what are his/her future plans and how would the reception of the scholarship benefit him/her community and country in the future.

What is the purpose of writing a scholarship essay?

The purpose of writing a scholarship essay is to showcase yourself and convince the admission committee of the scholarship you are applying, not just to consider your application, but to win the scholarship! Keep in mind that, your scholarship essay reveals a lot about yourself, a revelation which cannot be done by your grades, GPAs or certificates. Hence, when writing one, you have to bear in mind that the purpose of writing a scholarship essay is to showcase who you are, what you are going to study with the scholarship, and how you are going to serve the community and the country one day.

Format of a scholarship essay

The essay should be simple, but it could be sophisticated. It normally uses formal language. It should also be concise and focused. Just like any other essay, a scholarship essay should have,

an introduction – where you state why you are writing the essay

body of the essay – where you support your argument with reasons

a conclusion – summarizing your essay


a restatement of your purpose – for stronger emphasis.

The scholarship essay belongs to the academic category of writing. Hence, it should utilize eloquent vocabulary, a lot of passive voice where necessary, and accurate grammatical and syntactic structures. The essay is written in first person. Also, the essay should always be matching the theme or your study area.

How to write a scholarship essay?

How to write a scholarship essay |

Be clear about the Requirement: Firstly, read out all the requirements given by the scholarship admission committee and then brainstorm all necessary details to be outlined in the essay.

Start Early: It is always better to start as early as possible because it then gives you time to pay a lot more of attention and give it your best shot.

Be Yourself: Be yourself when you are deciding on what to write about yourself, it is not wise to make things up.

Prepare Outline: Outline your essay and start writing according to your outline.

Be Focused: While writing, always try to stay in focus, your focus should be on telling the admission committee why they should select you for their scholarship. Do not make the essay too long. Keep it to about 600 words, and do not write all the details which could be unnecessary for the purpose.

Emphasize Your Purpose in Conclusion: After careful thought and writing, conclude your essay by emphasizing again about your purpose and one strong point about your future plans.

Also, writing, proofreading, and rewriting usually bring good results.

Good luck!

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