How to Write an Annotated Bibliography

An annotated bibliography is an important tool that is crucial to the process of research as it enables the researcher to record the manner in which he or she has engaged in the relevant material that is available on the subject involved. As it has proven itself to play such an integral role in the research field, it is important to know how to write an annotated bibliography in the proper manner.

1. Consider the format – The format of an annotated bibliography, however, is according to the specifications set by the lecturer or the supervisor. Also, it is imperative to follow these guidelines. The bibliographical information thus provided can be either descriptive or descriptive and evaluative.

2. The order – The content must be arranged according to the alphabetical order, usually according to the name of the author. The list is usually preceded by a summary or an account of the research.

3. Language – The annotated bibliography is written in full sentences in academic English.

4. Be concise – Each point should be summed up in a single paragraph. Mention only relevant, significant details. Do not repeat information.

5. Transition words – Words such as moreover, furthermore, therefore and etc. can be used to make the text more cohesive.

6. Refer to other annotated bibliographies – Always refer to annotated bibliographies by other writers to use as examples and to check against your writing style

7. Authors – Give the background of the authors if possible. This would help validate your point.

8. Conclusions – Identify the conclusions made by the authors of your references.

9. Relevance – Discuss the relevance of the material to your research. This is relevant in convincing the reader that the material discussed indeed supports your research.

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