Sample Cover Letter

Sample Cover Letter

A cover letter is a letter sent to an employer along with one’s resume. It is the first opportunity you get to impress your prospective employer. Therefore, your cover letter should be written perfectly. This is why we are giving you tips to write a good cover letter. We have also included a sample cover letter in this article. You can download this cover letter template and adjust it to your requirements.

This article includes,

1. Tips to Write a Good Cover Letter

2. Cover Letter Sample

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Tips to Write a Good Cover Letter

  • Use professional language
  • Highlight your skills, credentials, experience; explain why how you are suited to this position.
  • Make it brief and short (less than one page)
  • Proofread the letter before sending

Sample Cover Letter

Cover Letter Sample Sample Cover Letter

Note: If you are sending the cover letter as an email, the cover letter should be included in the body of the email. Your details at the top (address, date, etc.) don’t have to be included.

You can also download this cover letter template by clicking this link.

Cover Letter Template –

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