What are the Tourist Places in Goa

Goa is a small Indian state that lies in its western extreme facing Arabian Sea. Goa is a very popular tourist destination that is renowned for its golden beaches, historic monuments and old churches. Goa receives a very high number of tourists from across the world every year. The Portuguese ruled it for a long time period of nearly four centuries. Goa lies in Konkan area of India that has a huge variety of flora and fauna. If you are planning a trip to this tiny Indian state, but do not know what are the tourist places in Goa, read on to know all about them.

Beaches in Goa

Goa is known among the tourists for its fine beaches. It has a 125km long coastline that is dotted with numerous beaches covered with palm trees and golden sand. This is the reason Goa is also termed as the Indian Caribbean. These beaches are surrounded by resorts and hotels to woo the tourists. Beaches are the best known tourist places in Goa. Among the most-popular beaches of Goa are Candolim, Colva, Anjuna, Agauda, Baga and Clarion. 

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Agauda Beach

Agauda is the beach for you if you are interested in breathtaking natural beauty and some relaxed moments in the company of nature. It offers unmatched scenic beauty and ambience along with a glimpse of Fort Agauda that lies on this beach.

Tourist Places in Goa | Pediaa.com

Mandrem beach

If seclusion and privacy are wha t you want, Mandrem beach in Goa is where you should head to. There are limited facilities here and no water sports, but it is a perfect getaway for the honeymooners and foreigners who have a desire to spend time in the company of nature.

Anjuna beach

Anjuna beach is one of the hottest attractions for international tourists. It lies just 18 km from Panaji, the capital of Goa. It is famous for its natural beauty and the flea market that is organized here. There is also the glorious Albuquerque Mansion on this beach. Anjuna beach is termed as the freak capital of the world and famous for its trance parties and hippies.

Tourist Places in Goa | Pediaa.com

Baga beach

Baga beach is a very crowded place as people believe the waters to be medicinal in nature on this beach. It is close to the Goan capital and a place for picnics and sunbathing. Baga has many facilities for water sports.

Candolim beach

Candolim is a very popular beach that is always crowded with tourists. It is very close to Candolim village and this is why tourists who prefer to have accommodation on the beach come here. You can have shopping and dining experience right at this beach.

Colva beach

Colva beach is close to Colva village in south Goa. It is a broad beach that is ideal for vacations for families having kids. The scenic beauty of this beach along Arabian Sea attracts people.

Clarion beach

If you are looking for a beautiful beach with a laidback lifestyle, Clarion is where you should go. It is situated in the heart of Goa and you can have fun in water and bathe under the sun for a long time without getting disturbed.

Churches in Goa

For many, Goa is a great place to visit because of its old, glorious churches. Old churches in Goa are some of the most visited tourist places in Goa. These churches remind one of Goa’s rich historical past and its culture. There are dozens of beautiful churches in Goa of which the most popular ones are St. Anne Church, St. Francis Church, St. Augustine Church, Reis Magos Church, Basilica of Bom Jeus and Se Cathedral. Most of the churches are situated in Old Goa. Most visited of the churches is the Church of St. Francis of Assisi that was built in 1521. It lies just opposite to Basilica of Bom Jeus that houses the mortal remains of Saint Francis Xavier.

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Wildlife sanctuaries in Goa

Goa is not all about beaches and churches. It is a hotspot as far as biodiversity is concerned. The area contains a huge variety of birds and animals. Not many people know that because of this biodiversity, nearly 20% area of the state is comprised of wildlife sanctuaries. Two of the most popular wildlife sanctuaries are Cotigao and Bhagwan Mahavir. Mollem National Park of Bhagwan Mahavir sanctuary and you also get a chance to see the splendid Dudhsagar waterfall inside this national park. Wildlife sanctuaries are very popular tourist places in Goa.

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Flea markets

Goa has lots of attractions and its markets have become a great attraction for the tourists. One market worth mentioning is the flea market that is held every Wednesday from morning till evening. The market is huge, and there are more than 500 shops selling a great variety of products from clothes to gifts and souvenirs. Tourists jostle with each other and bargain to get gifts at very cheap prices here. Apart from this, there is also Saturday Night Market and Mackie’s Market. You can not only hope to get products in bargain but also get some great entertainment in the form of live music and delicious food here.

Tourist Places in Goa | Pediaa.com

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