What is Creative Writing

Creative writing: what is that?

Normal writing is the kind of writing any of us would do anytime, anywhere for any purpose. For example, writing reports and essays inside classrooms, writing for personal or professional reasons, sending and replying to emails, writing letters to friends and family or even writing journal entries. However, creative writing is not a form of normal writing. Creative writing can be defined as any form of writing that is written with one’s creativity and mind’s eye. Yes, to be a creative writer, one must have a broad imagination and creativeness to develop from the obvious humdrum of the life and present their ideas innovatively. When mundane people see, creative writers observe, they let their thoughts wander, and come up with different creative pieces of wr iting such as stories and poems based on the ordinary stuff they observe in life. As well, creative writing refers to writing about one’s emotions and feelings in a literary rich way using literary elements such as imagery. Remember, creative writing always denotes writing ‘outside the box.’

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Types and genres of creative writing

Creative writing encompasses writing diverse types and kinds of writing. Majorly, creative writing can be divided into two categories such as poetry and prose with prose again been divided into fiction and non-fiction. The term fiction refers to stories centered on a theme and written about people, places or their actions and emotions. Short stories and play writings could also belong in the section of prose. Poetry includes free-verses, songs, and poems written on a certain theme.

Speaking about the genres, categories under products of creative writing fall can be many different genres such as epic, tragedy, nature, romance, crime, horror, comedy, lyric and dramatic, etc.

Elements and general features of a piece of creative writing

Written by anyone, a piece of creative writing usually consists of a number of set elements including the setting or the background, plot or storyline, point of view, character(s), theme, motif, mood, dialogues, style,etc.

Although the forms of creative writing differ from one another, the general features of creative writing remains similar. First, any form of creative writing requires the novelist, playwright or the poet to wander in her/his imagination and the outcome should be well penetrating. An astounding piece of creative writing is a piece of writing that makes the reader feel it being real and existing, when in reality, it does not. Creative writing should be expressive, and everything should be very well described in a way that the reader automatically vividly visualizes everything as she/he reads the work. An excellent piece of creative writing does include a large number of adjectives to give exact meanings.

How to start creative writing?

Stepping into creative writing? For beginners, it is highly recommended to express their deep emotions, options, thoughts, life experiences, etc. For beginners, it is always recommended to start off with something simple and writing it clearly by being creative and not by being pushy because one’s creativity cannot be forced, it can only be recognized naturally and sharpened over time and practice.

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