What is the Difference Between Apple Watch and Nike Apple Watch

The main difference between Apple Watch and Nike Apple Watch is that Apple Nike watch comes with redesigned straps, a new customizable digital face and is ideal for runners.

There is not much of a difference between Apple Watch and Nike Apple Watch, apart from its straps and digital face.  The price of the two watches is also similar.

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Difference Between Apple watch and Nike Apple Watch - Comparison Summary

Nike Apple Watch – Features and Specifications

Nike+ version is almost the same as the standard Apple watch, but it comes with a redesign. It has Nike watch faces that match the color of the band. There are three versions: Black sports band, Summit white sports loop, and new platinum. Moreover, the watch is comfortable on the wrist, looks good and has a sporty look.

Nike and Apple have teamed up to make an Apple watch that is designed for runners. It has many unique features including the redesigned strap that has specialized software, which can help runners to make use of the built-in GPS and cellular features. Runners can also put on the watch quickly.

Difference Between Apple Watch and Nike Apple Watch

Since Nike Apple watch is similar to Apple watch 4, it features GPS and cellular connectivity options. You can get a cheaper version without the cellular option.

Apple Watch – Features and Specifications

Apple watch has been engineered and designed to help in keeping you healthy, active and connected. It comes with the largest display ever to be produced and also has a heat sensor and a digital crown that has been re-engineered. Apple watch has reset the standard for watches. There are also heart rate notifications, Emergency SOS and fall detection. Moreover, the watch has been designed to help you improve your health and to protect it.

Main Difference - Apple Watch vs Nike Apple Watch

It also supports workout detection and comes with new hiking and yoga workouts. Moreover, it is equipped with pace alerts and cadence, especially for runners. You can also track five metrics at a glance. You can share your activity with your friends and have personalized coaching with the watch. You will have monthly challenges, and your achievements will be rewarded. You will also be motivated by your activities. The watch also supports walkie-talkie phone calls. It also supports Apple podcasts and Apple Music for entertainment.

Difference Between Apple Watch and Nike Apple Watch


The key difference between Apple Watch and Nike Apple Watch is the bands that come with them. You can choose the Sports Band and Sports loop instead of the standard aluminum model. The space gray model will look elegant with the black sports band. You will get the Nike + sports band which has small holes in the band to help in air circulation during intense workouts.

The Nike sports loop has reflective yarn which helps you remain visible during a nighttime run. The black band is ideal for the space gray watch. A white band also exists for the silver model. Sports loops also come for the non-LTE model. There is also a logo at the back of the watch which read Nike +. The internal features of the watch are literally identical.


Nike Apple watch has additional benefits over the standard Apple watch. The former has exclusive Nike-themed watch faces that help to directly launch the Nike+ Run Club app, which is pre-installed on the watch. This helps you to track your runs, view running history, etc.


The main difference between Apple Watch and Nike Apple Watch is their design. Moreover, Nike Apple watch has special software that helps running as it basically aimed at runners. There is not much of a difference between Apple Watch and Apple Nike watch in addition to these features.

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