What is the Difference Between Arlo and Arlo Pro

The main difference between Arlo and Arlo Pro is that Arlo is a cheap and simple security system which can be easily set up whereas Arlo pro comes with better performance and additional features.

Both Arlo and Arlo Pro have been designed for outdoor usage, but they can also be used indoors.  To know the difference between Arlo and Arlo Pro, you should know their features. The features in Arlo are available in Arlo Pro, but the latter also comes with some additional features.

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Difference Between Arlo and Arlo Pro - Comparison Summary

Arlo – Features

Arlo is an entry-level, Wi-Fi-based security camera system. It is compact and wireless, which runs quickly. However, it will need a base station and a power outlet that can be connected with a router.Difference Between Arlo and Arlo Pro

Moreover, Arlo has a clocking speed of 2.4 GHz and a 5 GHz Wi-Fi signal. It is powered by wireless batteries, and the camera resolution stands at 720p. The device is also water resistant and weatherproof. The camera can provide HD video and has infrared night vision support. It can also detect motion with the use of a PIR device consisting a passive infrared sensor. Moreover, it is easy to configure the base unit. The range and the viewing area of the device is basic and without obstructions. Night vision of the device is limited to 25 feet. Furthermore, you can also adjust motion alerts and sensitivity according to your preference. Also, this device supports additional USB ports for extra storage.

Arlo Pro – Features

Arlo Pro is of high quality when compared with Arlo. It has a higher performance and uses Wi-Fi for its security system. The process of setting up the device is very simple. You only have to power on the base by plugging the device into the router and turn on the cameras.

Main Difference - Arlo vs Arlo Pro

You will also be able to monitor the stream from the camera on your smartphone. Also, this version of Arlo comes with improved functionality. It uses dual PIR to detect motion and is faster and better at doing the job. Additionally, it has a built-in digital zoom in feature to enhance the image quality.

Difference Between Arlo and Arlo Pro

Comparing with Arlo, Arlo Pro comes with improved functionality as discussed below.

Two-way Audio

Unlike Arlo, Arlo Pro has two-way audio enabled with a speaker and a microphone, allowing communication with guests outside.

PIR Device

The PIR (passive infrared) device for detecting motion is dual and is better and faster than Arlo.

Sleep Mode

Moreover, Arlo Pro is capable of going into sleep mode and waking up when it detects motion or sound; this feature is not availabe in Arlo.

Digital Zoom

Also, Arlo Pro has a digital zoom feature for an enhanced image.


Moreover, Arlo Pro has a better battery that can last longer.  

Although Arlo Pro is a bit expensive when compared to Arlo, it provides the best value for money and gives you the best performance. Arlo can only provide you with basic security requirements as it is a simple security system. However, Arlo does not require any maintenance. These are the features that create a difference between Arlo and Arlo Pro. 


You should consider your requirement before choosing between Arlo and Arlo Pro. Arlo is cheaper when compared to Arlo Pro, but the later comes with better functionality and additional features. Although there is not much of a difference between Arlo and Arlo Pro, Arlo can be your best option as it is cheap, efficient and power packed. However, if you are looking for a security camera system that comes with better performance and extra benefits the Arlo Pro is the one to go to. The features that come with the Arlo Pro is definitely worth the extra cash.

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