What is the Difference Between Gin and Vodka

The main difference between gin and vodka is that gin contains a taste and an odor, whereas vodka is tasteless and odorless.

Both gin and vodka are popular alcoholic beverages. Furthermore, manufacturers produce them from natural ingredients like grains and undergo distillation. Nevertheless, there are slight differences between gin and vodka. 

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Difference Between Gin and Vodka - Comparison Summary

What is Gin

Gin is an alcoholic liquid that has a very long history that runs back to the 11th century AD. It originated as a medicine in Europe. Later, gin became popular in England, becoming a good commercial product in the industry of spirits. At the time, gin emerged as the national alcoholic drink in England. In the initial stages, gin was produced using grains, wheat, or barley. However, there are different ways of producing gin today.

Compare Gin and Vodka - What's the difference?

The process of gin production uses a variety of herbal ingredients. This variety may involve different variations and brands of gin. Basically, there are three different types of gin. They are distilled gin, redistilled gin, and compound gin. There are also different styles of gin. Some of the styles are Genever gin, London Dry gin, Plymouth gin, Old Tom gin, and Navy Strength gin. Moreover, consumers can consume gin directly on their own, or they can mix it with other ingredients. Some consumers usually mix gin with other additives to make other types of cocktails. Traditionally, the flavor of gin is not sweet. Nevertheless, there are modern sweet variations of gin.

What is Vodka

 Vodka is a distilled alcoholic beverage that originated in Russia. The name “vodka” is derived from the Russian word “voda,” which gives the meaning of water. Vodka has different varieties originating in different parts and countries of the world. Moreover, the main ingredients of vodka are water, ethanol, and additional flavorings. In the past, vodka was made up of fermented cereal grains and potatoes. However, today, the most popular vodka brands in the world use potatoes in the fermentation process. Consumers claim that the vodka made with potatoes is smoother and easier to consume.

Gin vs Vodka

Traditionally, people consume vodka directly without mixing it with other ingredients such as fruit juices, soda, and lemonade. There are two different styles of vodka: Western and Eastern distilled vodka. Eastern vodka contains some kind of flavor that comes from its ingredients. Meanwhile, western-style vodka is more filtered and is served as clean liquor. Vodka is unique from one bottle to another. Vodka is sometimes useful in cooking as well. In fact, some chefs use it in pasta sauce and desserts like popsicles.

Similarities Between Gin and Vodka

  • Both gin and vodka are alcoholic beverages.
  • You can consume gin and vodka using mixers and without using mixers.
  • There are different flavors in both gin and vodka.

Difference Between Gin and Vodka


Gin is an alcoholic liquid that contains a taste and odor, whereas vodka is an alcoholic beverage that is tasteless and odorless.


Although gin contains a taste and an odor, vodka does not contain an odor and taste.


A very small number of ingredients are used in producing vodka, whereas many ingredients are used in making gin.

Serving Style

Vodka is served ice cold, while gin can be served chilled or at room temperature.

As Mixers

Although both beverages are used as mixers, most consumers prefer to have vodka since it does not have a strong flavor like in gin.


Although gin can be classified as flavored vodka, vodka cannot be classified as a type of gin.


Both gin and vodka are popular alcoholic beverages. The main difference between gin and vodka is that gin contains a taste and an odor, whereas vodka is tasteless and odorless.


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