What is the Difference Between Halibut and Cod

The main difference between halibut and cod is that halibut is a large, flat fish that can grow up to 8 feet, whereas cod is a longer and slimmer fish that can grow up to 6 feet.

Halibut and cod are two nutritious and delicious fish varieties consumed globally. 

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Difference Between Halibut and Cod - Comparison Summary

What is Halibut

Halibut is a fish that lives in deeper water habitats in the North Atlantic and North Pacific oceans. It is a large and flatfish. It grows up to 8 feet in length. Also, it weighs up to 500 pounds. The taste of halibut is sweet and mild. Additionally, it has a white, firm flesh. Its meaty texture is ideal for baking and grilling.

Compare Halibut and Cod

Figure 1: Halibat

Furthermore, halibut is a good source of omega-3 fatty acids.  

What is Cod

Cod is a long fish that is slimmer. It reached 6 feet in length. It can grow up to 200 pounds. Also, it lives in both cold and warm water. Additionally, it ranges from the Arctic to the Mediterranean Sea. The texture of cod is flakier and tender. Therefore, it is better suited for poaching. The color of cod fish is lighter. It is delicate and has a flaky texture.

Halibut vs Cod

Figure 2: Cod

Moreover, cod is high in vitamin B12.  

Similarities Between Halibut and Cod

  • Halibut and cod are two fish types.
  • They are consumed globally.
  • They are cold-water fish.
  • Also, they have firm white flesh.
  • Additionally, they contain low fat and high protein content.
  • Generally, they are large fish.
  • They belong to the Gadidae family.

Difference Between Halibut and Cod


Halibut refers to a northern marine fish which is the largest of the flatfishes and is important as a food fish. In contrast, cod refers to a large marine fish with a small barbell on the chin.  


Halibut is a flatfish with a diamond-shaped body, while cod is a round-bodied fish.


Halibut grows up to 8 feet, while cod grows to 6 feet.


Halibut is a large fish, while cod is a slimmer fish.


Halibut grows in the North Atlantic and North Pacific oceans, while cod grows from the Arctic to the Mediterranean Sea.

Type of Water

Halibut grows in deeper water, while cod grows in cold and warm water.


Halibut has a mild and sweet taste, while cod has a delicate, flaky taste. 


Halibut has a white and firm flesh, while cod is tender.


Halibut has a white color flesh, while cod has a lighter color flesh.  


Halibut contains omega-3 fatty acids, while cod contains vitamin B12. 

FAQ: Halibut and Cod

What is better, halibut or cod? 

In brief, halibut and cod have similar nutritional profiles. However, halibut contains slightly lower calories and fat. Significantly, they contain a healthy dose of proteins. Therefore, they incorporate nutrition into the diet. 

Is cod close to halibut? 

Cod is an excellent substitute for halibut. It has a mild and sweet flavor. Also, the texture of the cod is firm and flaky. Additionally, cod live in both the Atlantic and Pacific oceans. 

Is halibut a high-quality fish? 

Halibut is a high-quality fish. It is profitable and convenient for a menu. Alaska fishermen harvest halibut, producing the largest domestic supply. They are harvested from the middle of May through early September. 


In brief, halibut and cod are two nutritious fish types that grow in cold water. They contain white flesh. Halibut is a flatfish. It has a diamond shape. Also, it contains omega-3 fatty acids. In comparison, cod is a round-bodied fish. Additionally, it contains vitamin B12. Therefore, the main difference between halibut and cod is their shape and nutrition.  

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