Difference Between Always and Forever

Main Difference – Always vs Forever

Always and forever are adverbs that have similar meanings. Although these two adverbs can be used interchangeably in most cases, there are instances where they have distinctive meanings. Thus, they cannot be always used as synonyms. It is important to look at the different meanings of these two adverbs in order to understand the difference between always and forever. The main difference between always and forever is that always usually means at all times or on all occasions whereas forever usually means for an endless time.

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1. Meaning and Usage of Always

2. Meaning and Usage of Forever

3. Difference Between Always and ForeverDifference Between Always and Forever - Always vs. Forever Comparison Summary

Always – Meaning and Usage

The adverb always has several meanings. Let’s look at these meanings first.

At all times; on all occasions

The sun always sets from the west.

Her sister always wears black.

She has always helped the poor.

For all future times; forever

I’ll love you forever.

He’ll always be missed.

I’ll always be there for you.

As a last resort; at any rate

You can always try again.

If the marriage doesn’t work, you can always get a divorce.

As seen from the above meanings and examples, the meaning of always and forever can overlap in some instances. Always can sometimes take the meaning of forever. However, not all the above meanings can be replaced by forever.  For example,

You can always try again

You can try again forever

These two sentences have completely opposite meanings. The first sentence means that you can call again if the other option fails. The second sentence means you can keep trying.

Difference Between Always and Forever

Forever – Meaning and Usage

Forever is also an adverb. Given below are the meanings of forever:

At all times

He’s forever doing silly things.

They’ll be together forever.

This meaning is similar to always and forever can be replaced by always in sentences that carry this meaning. For example,

He is forever asking questions. = He is always asking questions.

For a very long time

We’ve been waiting forever.

It took forever to get to the top of the hill.

For an endless time

I’ll love you forever

She wants to live forever.

Main Difference - Always vs Forever

Difference Between Always and Forever

Main Meaning

Always mainly means at all times.

Forever mainly means for an endless time.

Long time

Always cannot refer to a long time.

Forever can refer to a long time.

Endless time

Always usually refers to a time period within one’s life period.

Forever refers to an endless time.

Last Resort

Always can mean at any rate or as a last resort. 

Forever cannot mean at any rate or as a last resort. 

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