Difference Between Another and Other

Main Difference – Another vs Other

Other and Another are two determiners that are used with unspecific nouns. They are both used to imply additional or different. Thus, there is not much of a difference between another and other based on the meaning; their difference actually lies in the usage. The main difference between Another and Other is that Another is used with singular nouns whereas Other is used with plural or uncountable nouns.

Another – Meaning and Usage

Another is a determiner and pronoun that is used with singular, countable nouns. Another can have two meanings. Look at the two sentences below to understand them.

Example 1

Sheila bought another car.

In this sentence, another gives the meaning additional or one more. Another implies that Shelia already has one or more cars. Thus, the car she is buying now is an additional one.

Example 2

He is busy today, come back another day.

Here, another implies different or alternative; it refers to a different person or a thing from one already known or previously mentioned.

As mentioned above, another can be used as both a determiner and pronoun.

As a determiner

He didn’t say another word.

Can you give me another piece of cake?

As a pronoun

He moved from one place to another.

After waiting for ten years, she married another.

It is important to notice that another can be used with plural nouns if a number is mentioned before that noun.

He is moving to France in another two weeks.

The teacher was waiting for another ten students.

They took another six months to complete the project.

Difference Between Another and Other

Can I have another biscuit?

Other – Meaning and Usage

Other is a determiner and pronoun that is used with plural or, uncountable nouns. Other has two meanings. It can either refer to a person or thing that is different or distinct from one already mentioned or known about or mean the same as additional or extra. Determiners like some, and any usually precede other.

Do you have some other ideas?

Are there any other answers?

There are other jobs you can apply.

The shop is on the other side of the road.

He thinks that other people are jealous of him.

All the above sentences use other as a determiner. Other can be also used as a pronoun. In this case, other becomes others as it is referring to a plural noun.

I don’t want to wear this dress. I have others.

Some teachers were absent on Monday; others attended the staff meeting.

There are no others like him.

He started the trend, and others followed.

Main Difference - Another vs Other

Do you have any other clothes?

Difference Between Another and Other


Another is used with singular countable nouns.

Other is used with plural or uncountable nouns.


Another is formed by an + other.

Other comes from Old English ōther meaning different.

Other determiners

Another is not used with other determiners.

Other can be used with determiners such as some or any.


Another doesn’t change when used as a pronoun.

Other can become others when used as a pronoun.Difference Between Another and Other- infographic

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