Difference Between Beats Solo 2 and 3

The main difference between Beats Solo 2 and 3 is that the Solo 3 has superior battery life at 40 hours while the Solo 2 could only notch up 12 hours, which is comparatively low.

The sounds produced by the two headphones are actually good. Some of the older models of the same headphone were awful and have been heavily criticized. After Apple took over beats, the headphone has seen a great improvement. The quality of the sound, ergonomics, and build are much better when compared with earlier years.

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Beats Solo 2

Beats Solos 2 headphones came after Beats Solo HD. The Solo 2 is a popular headphone as well as an expensive and defining symbol. Beats has made improvements in sound quality too. However, if you are an audio purist this may not be the headphone for you. But the design and neat style move has made this headphone a successful one.

Beats Solo 3

The Solo 3 comes with an excellent wireless stability and has some real tech improvements. Apple is the owner of beats. Beats Solo 3 is the first headphone made by the company under its own banner. However, this does not mean that it looks different. The Solo 3 is almost identical to the Solo 2. But, there are internal changes. Apple has added its mobile phone know-how to the Solo 3 headphones and ramped up the wireless capabilities and extended the battery life.

Difference Between Beats Solo 2 and 3

Difference Between Beats Solo 2 and 3

Both headphones almost look the same and come with a cable and have remote talk feature. Also, they both have the same durability and consist of identical batteries. However, due to Apple’s new technology, Solo 3 has an extended battery life. Furthermore, the remote talk feature on the Solo 3 is on the headphone whereas the Solo 2 has its remote talk feature on the cable itself.

Battery Life

Solo 2 comes with a battery life of just 12 hours while the Solo 3 has an astounding battery life of 40 hours. This is one of the key difference between the two headphones.

W1 Chip

The Solo 3 also come with a W1 chip which makes it very easy to pair with bluetooth if you are using an iPhone. You will not need to do anything to connect as the phone and headphone, if in the same vicinity, will connect automatically. The Solo 2 does not come with this feature. 


The cable that comes with the Solo 3 is studier when compared with the Solo 2 one.


Solo 2 weighs 7.23 oz while the Solo 3 comes at 7.58 oz.


The Solo 3 will only need a charge for 5 minutes to last for up to 3 hours. Solo 2 will need to charge for 120 minutes for 12 hours of battery life.


Solo 3 is able to produce sound that is balanced and smooth when compared to Solo 2 device. Solo 2 produces sound that can be intense and harsh to your ears.

Remote Talk

Remote talk feature in Solo 3 is on headphone while remote talk feature in Solo 2 is on the cable.


Beats Solo 3 comes in gloss black, gloss white, silver, gold, rose gold, black, violet, red (on Apple) while Beats Solo 2 only comes in black and white.


It is recommended to go for Solo 3 over Solo 2 because, Solo 3 provides additional features and they have recently come down in price as well. The entire package is worth it; they are durable, comfortable, portable, and convenient to use with iPhones. They also produce great sound. It is a balanced headphone but also give enough emphasis on base to remain a fun-filled headphone.

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