Difference Between Big and Large

Main Difference – Big vs Large

Both big and large are adjectives that mainly refer to the size of an object. They both mean more than average size, amount, or extent. To many, these two adjectives may mean the same. But there is a distinct difference between big and large. Big can refer to the physical size as well as seriousness or importance. But large only refers to the physical size. This is the main difference between big and large.

Big – Meaning and Usage

Big is a common adjective referring to the size or extent of a thing. It is usually used to describe a thing that is over the average size. It is the opposite of small. For example,

He built a big house.

She has big brown eyes.

Big can also indicate importance or seriousness. For example,

It’s not a big decision.

I made a big mistake.

In informal situations, big can also mean elder or powerful.

He is a big shot.

This is my big brother.

So, it’s clear that big doesn’t only refer to the size or amount, but it also refers importance, seriousness, power, and age. It’s also important to know that the adjective big is considered to be an informal word although it is one of the most common words in English; it should be avoided in formal writing.

Main Difference - Big vs Large

He thinks he is a big shot.

Large – Meaning and Usage

The adjective large indicates the size of an object. It refers to a considerable or relatively great size, extent, or capacity. Large is considered to be more formal than big, and it is also less commonly used than big.

Unlike big, large mainly refers to the size of things. For example,

He bought a house with a large garden.

The show attracted a large crowd.

This dress doesn’t come in large sizes.

Her large front teeth made her unattractive.

China is a large producer of rice.

Large is also used with many expressions of quantity. Consider, for example, phrases like a large number of, a large amount of, large scale, a large part, etc.

Difference Between Big and Large

The concert attracted a large crowd.

Difference Between Big and Large


Big is used in informal contexts.

Large is more formal than big.


Big is more commonly used than large.

Large is not as commonly used as big.


Big can refers to size, amount, extent, importance, seriousness, etc.

Large mainly refers to the size, amount or extent.

Quantity Expressions

Big is not much used with quantity expressions.       

Large is used with quantity expressions.Difference Between Big and Large -infographic

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