Difference Between Cite and Site

Difference Between Cite and Site

Cite and site are two homophones that can be easily confused. However, there is a major difference between the meanings of these two words. Cite means to make a reference whereas site refers to a place, typically a place where construction is going on. This is the main difference between cite and site.

Cite – Meaning and Usage

Cite is a verb meaning to make a reference. It is synonymous with verbs like refer, quote, allude to, etc. We cite something from a book or passage as evidence or justification of an argument or statement, especially in a scholarly work. Cite is also used as a noun as the shortened form of citation.

He has not cited any sources to prove this theory.

The students have cited some of the most renowned authors in this field.

I would like to cite a passage from Abraham Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address to answer your questions.

Cite can have several different meanings. One such meaning is ‘to praise someone in an official report for an act of courage’. For example,

He has been cited many times for his contributions to the science and technological field.

The soldier was cited for his bravery.

Cite can also mean ‘to summon someone to appear in court’. However, it is the first meaning – to refer or quote – which is most common in usage.

Main Difference - Cite vs  Site

Edited screenshot of the reference section of the English Wikipedia page on Biochemistry.

Site – Meaning and Usage

Site is a noun which refers to place or location. Site comes from Latin situs meaning ‘local position’. An area of ground on which a monument, building, town is being constructed or an area under construction is specifically called a site. Site also refers to a place where something important occurred. For example, a place where a battle took place can be called a battle site.

The president visited the construction site to oversee the progress.

The proposed site is located in the southern part of the country.

This is the site of the battle of Stalingrad.

The luxury apartments will be built on the old mining site.

Site, as you all know, can also refer to a website. This is the shortened form of the noun website.

This site provides accurate information.

I cannot access that site. 

Be it a battle site, campsite, construction site or website, site always refers to a place. It is also important to know that site is often confused with sight. Sight refers to the vision, or ability to see. Even though they are homophones, they cannot be used as synonyms. Now that you know the difference between site and sight, see if you pick out the meaningful sentence from the below-given two sentences.

They visited the sight to see the sites

They visited the site to see the sights.

Difference Between Cite and Site

Difference Between Cite and Site

Grammatical Category

Cite is a verb.

Site is a noun.


Cite means to make a reference or quote from another book.

Site is a place where something is constructed or has occurred.

Alternative Meaning

Cite can also mean praise or summon someone.

Site can also refer to a website.Difference Between Cite and Site- infographic

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