Difference Between Dwarf and Midget

The main difference between dwarf and midget is that the term dwarf refers to any adult human below the height of 58 inches with abnormal bodily proportions whereas a midget refers to tiny individuals with well-proportioned body parts.

Dwarf and midget are two are two terms that refer to vertically-challenged individuals. The medical condition that describes a dwarf is “dwarfism”. Only dwarfs suffer from medical and physical conditions and require medical treatments. However, the term midget is often considered pejorative; the much preferred alternative term is either “short person” or “little person”.

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Difference Between Dwarf and Midget - Comparison Summary

Who is a Dwarf

A dwarf is a short individual (less than 58 inches), who has abnormal or disproportional body parts. Around 200 different genetic disorders may cause dwarf individuals. Dwarfs may have short arms and hands but, normal-sized head. Due to the disproportionality, these individuals always suffer from joint problems or nerve compression.

Difference Between Dwarf and Midget

Figure 1: A Dwarf

Dwarfism is a condition that can occur in animals as well. In fantasy writing, a dwarf refers to a small person with magical ability.

What is Midget

A midget is a short individual with well-proportioned body parts. Sometimes, malnutrition may cause midget conditions. Midget individuals grow normally but, do not exceed 58 inches.

Main Difference - Dwarf vs Midget

Figure 2: A Midget

It is important to note that the term midget is often considered offensive and politically incorrect. Hence, “little person” is the favorable alternative term to this.

Similarities Between Dwarf and Midget

  • Both dwarf and midget are terms that describe small individuals less than 58 inches.
  • Genetic disorders are the main cause in both.

Difference Between Dwarf and Midget


Dwarf: A small individual with abnormal bodily proportions

Midget: A small individual with well-proportioned body parts


Dwarf: The term is not often offensive.

Midget: The term is considered offensive.


Dwarf: A mutation in the chromosome 4 causes dwarfism.

Midget: A hereditary genetic disorder. Sometimes it occurs due to malnutrition.


Dwarf: May suffer from malformed bones and joints, the possible disorientation of organs, and nerve compression.

Midget: Perfectly healthy


Dwarf: Can be treated by bone surgery, hormonal replacement surgery or medication.

Midget: Can be treated with hormonal supplements and proper nutrition.


Though the two terms refer to short individuals, the main difference between dwarf and midget is the proportionality of body parts. Dwarfs have disproportional body parts, and due to this, they suffer from some medical conditions while midgets have well-proportioned body parts. .


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