Difference Between Into and In To

Difference Between Into and In To

Using into and in to interchangeably is a very common grammar mistake many English learners, as well as native English speakers, make. The main difference between into and in to is that into is a single preposition whereas in to consists of two prepositions. The meanings of these two words also change according to these prepositions.

Into – Meaning and Usage

Into is a preposition which has several meanings. The basic meaning of into is inside of or interior of. Let us first look at these different meanings of this preposition.  Into can,

Express action that results in someone/something becoming enclosed, surrounded by, or being in contact with something else

She got into the car and slammed the door.

A lorry crashed into their cottage.

Express the direction towards something

This narrow lane leads into their house.

The main road leads into the police station.

Expresses a change of state

Within minutes, she turned into a totally different person.

These fruits can be made into a jam.

Expressing the result of an action

The arrogant officer was forced into a public apology.

She was tricked into believing his tale.

Express an object of attention or interest

This article gives a clear insight into what has happened.

She gives an interesting insight into the 19th-century sports.

Difference Between Into and In To

The dog jumped into the water.

In to – Meaning and Usage

In to is made up of the two individual prepositions in and to.  These two prepositions usually occur together when in is a part of a phrasal verb. Note how in is always a part of a phrasal verb in the following sentences.

Marie came in to collect the laundry. (come in)

He stepped in to help us. (step in)

We had to give in to his demands. (give in)

I just dropped in to see how you are. (drop in)

In the above phrasal verbs, in functions as an adverb, not as a preposition. In addition, there is no real relation between in and to; they just happen to be there. Therefore, there is no definite meaning in in to.

Main Difference - Into vs In To

I went in to his rooms to get my books.

Now that you know the difference between into and in to, see whether you can identify the correct word

  1. He is really in to/into sports.
  2. He ran back in to/into bring the umbrella.
  3. He turned the assignment into/in to his teacher.
  4. She dropped her phone into/in to the bath.
  5. They ran in to/ in to some financial troubles.
  6. The police had to give in to/ into their demands.

Answers: 1- into, 2- in to, 3- in to, 4- into,5- into, 6- in to

Difference Between Into and In To


Into: The basic meaning of into is inside of or interior of.

In to: In to doesn’t have a definite meaning since the two prepositions are not related.


Into: This is a single preposition.

In to: This contains two prepositions.


Into: In acts as a preposition.

In To: In acts as an adverb; it is a part of the preceding verb.

In and To

Into: In and to are related.

In to: In and to are not related.Difference Between Into and In To - infographic

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