Difference Between Mental and Emotional

Main Difference – Mental vs Emotional

Mental and Emotional refer to two types of human behavioral pattern with both similar and different features of identification. Studies have shown that there is an amazing relationship between the human mind and emotions we experience in our day to day life. Furthermore, it has been evident that human beings experience, both mental and emotional behaviors in different stages of life. However, in a nutshell, the mental behavior is known to be dealing with the human brain whereas emotional behavior is considered to be dealing with the heart. This is the main difference between mental and emotional.Difference BetweenMental and Emotional- infographic

What Does Mental Mean

As mentioned above, mental behavior is co-related with the mind (brain). Furthermore, there is a significant relationship between mental and emotional behaviors such that various emotional changes can make a clear impact on one’s mentality. For example, a person who lost his loved ones in an accident will be sad, emotional and drained. He will grieve for days, months and sometimes years and would ultimately fall into a weak state of mentality with symptoms similar to that of a disorder like depression as a result of the responsive activity of neurotransmitters in the brain. Mental behavior in human beings varies from individual to individual. A person who has gone through a mental transformation followed by a traumatic life event, would either be very emotional compared to that of a normal being or carry no emotions at all. Additionally, the extent of this behavioral pattern mainly depends on the type of disorder and its severity. Most of the mild cases are hard to be diagnosed until they show significant signs and related symptoms.

Main Difference - Mental vs Emotional

What Does Emotional Mean

Emotional behavior almost always deals with the heart. Human beings will tend to show this type of a behavior mainly in facing negative life events.  Emotional behavior also has a significant relationship to mental behavior. For example, a person who is suffering from chronic depression might be more drained and have less energy in a tragic situation like a death of a loved one than a normal healthy individual. The brain chemistry and the psychology of mind work in a really surprising manner, where they easily get influenced by positive and negative emotions, unless well controlled.

Various practices like Yoga and meditation programs are carried out in many parts of the world in order to gain the power and supreme control over the human brain, mind, and their interconnections. These entities are proven to have an effective influence on the impact of emotional behavioral patterns in our mind.

Difference Between Mental and Emotional

Difference Between Mental and Emotional


Mental: Mental behavior is co-related with the mind (or the human brain).

Emotional: Emotional behavior almost always deals with the heart.


Mental: A mentally affected person might prefer staying calm and quiet in a corner, which makes it difficult to understand the phase he is going through.

Emotional:  An emotionally affected person may produce sounds like lamens, moans, etc.


Mental: A person with a mental behavioral pattern, affected by a mental transformation will often appear unhealthy or abnormal to others around him.

Emotional:  An emotional person usually appears as a healthy individual to the community but can get back to his default emotional behavior, in a spur of a second, when his mood gets distracted by some sort of a scenario.

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