Difference Between Powerbeats 2 and 3

The main difference between Powerbeats 2 and 3 is that the Powerbeats 3 has a battery life of 12 hours which is double the battery life of power beats 2.

If you are on the lookout for untethered Bluetooth headphones, power beats are one of the most popular ones available. Apple bought Power beats in 2014 and made some improvements to the already noticeable product. If you look at both the headphones they look very similar. Apple has improved the new power beats with the W1 chip. With the addition of this chip, the battery life of the headphone has gone from 6 hours to 12 hours of listening. They also come with a quick connect option to apple devices.

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Difference Between Powerbeats 2 and 3 - Comparison Summary

Powerbeats 2

Power beats 2 is a flashy set of headphones that comprise of a handful of features and a booming sound. The headphone comes with universal controls and is great for workouts with a ton of bass. But it is still expensive and lacks comfort in some instances; the sound may also lack fidelity.

Difference Between Powerbeats 2 and 3

These headphones have been created for active individuals. They have a lightweight design and comes with wireless capabilities that are ideal for the modern lifestyle.

Powerbeats 3

Powerbeats 3 is not different from its predecessor. There are some great tweaks aimed at making the headphone better.  The Apple’s proprietary chip provides efficient battery life to Powerbeats 3, which helps the battery life to go up from 6 hours to 12 hours. It has also removed one of the biggest problems with Bluetooth – the syncing process. This is now available with Apple devices.

Similarities Between Powerbeats 2 and 3

  • Both Powerbeats headphones come with a LED light, microphone and are waterproof and sweat proof.
  • They also come with 6 ear tips and a case.
  • They support Siri and speech dictation for emails, notes, and texts.
  • The design of both headphones has not changed.
  • They also come with the over the ear security and multiple ear tips for a perfect fit.

Difference Between Powerbeats 2 and 3

Battery Life

The battery life between the two headphones is the most apparent change. Installation of the W1 chip that is in the Apple Air pods has caused the charge life of Powerbeats 3 to extend by 6 hours and the quick charge time to go up by 30%. 


The Powerbeats 3 has a toggle to tighten the cord behind your head for additional security exercise and daily workouts. The biggest plus that comes with Powerbeats is the battery life and the fast charging feature. Connecting with Apple devices is quick and constant. Users claim that Powerbeats 2 provides comfort during workouts and it is unmatched. They are lightweight and don’t pop out of the ear during rigorous movements. The sound quality of the device is also high when compared with other wireless headphones.


The price of both Powerbeats 2 and 3 are the same but online deals may offer up Powerbeats 2 close to the 100-dollar range depending on the color. Apple does not sell power beats through its website and Apple will usually have a higher price tag on its products.


You can consider purchasing the Powerbeats 3 over the Powerbeats 2 based on quick connections that come with it for an array of Apple products and the longer battery life. The price difference between Powerbeats 2 and 3 is not much but you may consider going for the newer version for some of the additional features that come with it. 

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