Difference Between Proof and Prove

Main Difference – Proof vs. Prove

Both terms, proof and prove are derived from the Latin term ‘probare’ meaning test, approve or demonstrate. In fact, both words have similar meanings, the main difference between proof and prove is that proof is a noun while prove is a verb. Proof means the evidence or argument establishing a fact or the truth of a statement. Prove means demonstrating the truth or existence of something by evidence or argument.

What Does Proof Mean

Proof can be used as a noun, adjective and verb. In this article, we’ll not be discussing the usage as a verb. Proof can mean many things depending on the usage. But in general usage, when used as a noun Proof refers to the evidence, establishing that something is the truth.

“Do you have any proof of your identity?”

“The police believed that he was the mastermind behind this operation, but they did not have any concrete proof.”

“They needed proof to prove his innocence.”

Proof also refers to the a printed copy of something that is examined and corrected before the final copies are printed.

“He turned the pages and noted all the red correction marks on his proofs.”

Proof is also used as an adjective, but here it means providing protection against something. Some examples include “waterproof”, windproof”, “bullet proof” etc.

difference between proof and prove

The police knew that he was guilty, they had no proof.

What Does Prove Mean

‘Prove’ is a verb that means to demonstrate that something is true. For example, look at the sentences below.

“They all knew that he was responsible for the homicide, but no one could prove it.”

“He was proved innocent by the court.”

“The intelligent student proved his theory false.”

Prove also gives out the meaning to demonstrate a particular result after a period of time. For example, “The project proved to be a success.” Here, this gives out the meaning that the project turned to be a success.

We also use the verb ‘prove’ when talking about bread dough. Here ‘prove’ means to become aerated by the action of yeast, i.e. to rise.

proof vs prove

Law states that a defendant is innocent until proven guilty.

Difference Between Proof and Prove


Proof is the evidence or the argument establishing a fact or truth.

Prove is to demonstrate that something is truth.


Proof can be seen as a noun, verb and adjective.

Prove is only a verb.

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