How to Become a Police Officer in Pakistan

If you are desirous of serving Pakistan Police to help in maintaining law and order in the area where you are posted, you need to become a police officer. If you do not know how to become a police officer in Pakistan, this article attempts to make it easier by describing the different ways and steps involved in the process.

Join Pakistan Police through FPSC or PPSC

One year after attaining independence from the British rule in 1947, Police Service of Pakistan was created to replace the Imperial Police. To enter this service, all candidates have to pass a qualifying test conducted by the Federal Public Service Commission. There is another way to become a police officer and it is to join the police departments of a province. There are four provinces in Pakistan each having their own police department namely Punjab Police, Sindh Police, Baluchistan Police and Frontier Police. You have to take the exam conducted by Provincial Public Service Commission of any of the four provinces to become a police officer in Pakistan.

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You can become a police officer in various departments

There are many different departments in Pakistan Police such as Pakistan rangers, Traffic Police, Railway Police, CID, Counter Terrorism Department, Highway patrol Police, Frontier Corps, etc. and you can join any of these to become a police officer.

There are different levels of training after the exam

To become a police officer in PSP, you need to take the qualifying exam conducted by FPSC that is held every year. If you qualify in this exam and get inducted into PSP, you are required to undergo Common Training Program of nine months duration at Civil Services Academy in Lahore. After the completion of this training, you are absorbed as Assistant Superintendent of Police in the province of your choice (you cannot choose your home province). After joining, you are further sent for specialized training at the Police Academy in Islamabad. There is another training that awaits you after this training. It is provided at the district level where you are allocated to. 

How to become a police officer in Pakistan


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