How to Buy Silk Sarees Online

Saree is a traditional Indian dress for females. It is a long unstitched piece of cloth that is wrapped around the body in an elegant manner by Indian women. It is an attire that is both sensual as well as mesmerizing for men. It is accompanied by a bodice or blouse to cover the upper part of the body while it reveals the midriff of the women to make her look gorgeous and sensuous. Silk is one fabric that is used to make sarees. It is a smooth fabric that pallu that can be pinned over the shoulder. This border drapes the upper part of the body of the woman wearing the saree. Silk sarees are expensive and worn on special occasions like weddings and festivals. Silk sarees are available all over India in good quality showrooms selling sarees. You can also buy silk sarees online if you know what you are looking for and also know the price range in which different kinds of silk sarees are sold.

Tips to Buy Silk Sarees Online

There is a huge variety even in the category of silk sarees. Though all of them are made using silk fabric, the difference lies in the amount of silk used to make the saree and the kind of work done over the fabric to decorate it. You need to differentiate between these silk sarees and know their features and prices if you want to buy silk sarees online.

Kanjeevaram Sarees

These are one of the finest and most popular sarees made of silk. They are made in Kanchipuram that is a district near Chennai in Tamil Nadu. Kanjeevaram sarees are known for their heavy silk material and beautiful border that contains brocade work. Of course, buying Kanchipuram Kanchipuram sarees are known for their exclusive zari work that is done over flattened silver with silver and gold threads. Make sure that this zari work is authentic before you buy silk sarees online. Because of their extreme popularity, it is not surprising that there are many fake Kanchipuram Kanchipuram. Make sure that the silk saree that you are buying online carries this GI tag. Good quality Kanchipuram silk sarees can be expensive.

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Banarasi Silk Sarees

Banarasi silk saree is another category of silk sarees that are extremely popular among women. This saree is made of silk and hand woven by skilled artisans. These sarees are popular since the times of Moghul emperors. The designs and patterns woven over silk fabric are mostly derived from the Moghul era. These sarees are colorful and known for their golden zari work. Banarasi sarees can be very expensive depending upon the amount of silk used to make them and also upon the silver and gold threads used to decorate them. You can buy a decent Banarasi silk saree online for around $50 onwards.

There are other types of silk sarees also such as Maheshwari silk sarees from Madhya Pradesh, Bandhani or Bandhej silk sarees,  and Paithani silk sarees of Maharashtra to name a few. You must get information about a particular silk saree from internet so that you are not duped, and you should buy silk sarees online. The thing to remember is to buy silk sarees online only from reliable and respectable websites even if it means paying a little more as you can be fooled into buying cheap imitation silk sarees.

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