How to Choose a Rug

Since rugs have a way of changing the atmosphere of a room, let us get to know how to choose a rug. Area rugs can transform the look of a room in which they are placed. They are oriental carpets that are beautiful and mesmerizing. They create maximum impact and can become objects of visual attraction in every room they are placed. They provide warmth and muffle the sound of foot traffic. How to choose a rug is a question often asked by people buying it for the first time. A right size and texture rug can enhance the décor of the place, but a wrongly selected rug can look awkward and defeat the purpose for which it is placed. This article will help you in choosing the ideal rug for the area over which you want to place it in your room.

Facts to consider when choosing a rug

Color of the rug

Before going out in the market in search of a rug, it is better to take a look at the dimensions of the room and furniture that is placed in it. If you have a colorful room, it is better to get a single color rug that compliments the setting of the room. If you are interested in a rug with several colors and a pattern, it is better to buy it first and then decide upon the furniture to be placed in the room. Your rug has the potential to be the centre of attraction. If you are investing a heavy amount of money, it is better to buy a colorful rug and later match other objects with this color and pattern.

How to choose a rug

Material of the rug

You need to take into account the foot traffic while selecting the material of the rug. You require durable flooring for that part where there is much foot traffic while you can choose a delicate material for your bedroom. For hallways where kids and pets roam around, it is better to buy natural rugs made of fibers drawn from plants. They are durable and also very affordable. They are mostly available in earthy colors that blend well with the surroundings. These natural rugs are a good choice with areas having lots of traffic. Even Dhurries that are flat woven and reversible are good choices for such areas of your home. They are easy to clean and very durable. You can go for tufted rugs in low traffic areas. These rugs are beautiful and have a softer feel. For moderate traffic areas, you can choose distressed rugs that are overdyed.

Size of the rug

Rug is not a wall to wall carpet. It is much smaller than the size of the area where it is placed and it is meant to be a focal point in that area. Too large rugs look awkward and unattractive. On the other hand, a too small rug looks odd as if someone left behind a towel on the floor in the room. Choose the size of the rug according to the setting of the furniture in the room. In the bedroom, the rug should be large enough to allow soft landing on both sides of the bed. In the living room, the size of the rug should be such so as to have the furniture placed comfortably over it. The feet of the people sitting on the sofa should be placed on the rug beneath. In the dining room, the size of the rug should be such that even if the chairs are pulled back a bit, they remain on the rug.

Your budget

Your budget is the deciding factor in the selection of the rug. Also, you must buy inexpensive rugs if you change the décor and furniture of the place frequently. You will find it hard to change the rug if you have bought a very expensive rug. The design of the rug is your personal choice though you should keen the aesthetic value in mind when buying the rug.

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