How to Identify a Real Emerald

Are you planning to buy an emerald embedded jewelry but don’t know how to identify a real emerald from the fake emeralds in the market? Here are some tips. Emerald is a precious gemstone that is very popular among the people. It is green in color and has a look and feel that sets it apart from other gemstones. Flawless emeralds are rare and very precious. Most of the high quality emeralds come from Columbia in South Africa. This is why sellers try to allure customers telling their emeralds come from Columbia. Because of its craze among the people, fake emeralds are doing rounds in the markets these days. It is very difficult to tell if the stone is real emerald or a fake with naked eyes. If you do not know how to identify a real emerald, you can easily be duped by the seller. This article will tell you how to identify a real emerald.

Tips to identify a real emerald

The price

High quality real emerald is very expensive, next only to diamonds in price. If the emerald you are buying is priced too low, you can be pretty certain that it is a fake. Real emerald can be priced at $500 for a carat.

Eye test 

Real emerald, when placed on your eye, feels cold whereas fake emerald will soon become warm to the touch of your eye.

Water test

Place the stone in a glass of water. If it radiates green light, it is a real emerald. On the other hand, fake emerald will not radiate green light. Place a drop of water on the stone. If it retains its shape, you have a real emerald. Water will disperse on a fake emerald.


how to identify a emerald


Rub test

Rub the stone against a piece of soft wood. Real emerald will start to shine even more after rubbing whereas rubbing will not make a difference to the fake emerald.

Cloth test

Place a white piece of cloth on your palm and place the stone over this cloth. You will find green light emanating from this stone and seen on the surface of the cloth whereas no such light will be visible in case of a fake emerald.

Turmeric test

Get a solid piece of turmeric and rub the stone with it. You should see a red spot on the turmeric if the emerald is real. With fake emerald, there would be no red spot on the turmeric.

Get the stone tested by a jeweler

Even after doing all these tests, if you are not sure whether it is real emerald or fake emerald, then take your emerald to a jeweler and ask it to be appraised. This will certainly cost you money but you can be pretty sure that you have a real emerald or not.

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