How to Make a Call When I Go Overseas

Mostly, when you go overseas, you may be missing your family and home country friends. You may want to receive calls to your usual mobile or may want to call your home country. How to make a call when I go overseas is a common concern to all of us; it may be to call back home or to make local phone calls. Don’t worry! there are many ways to get connected.

Option 1 to Make a Call

Easy Option – Buy Local SIM card in the Country

You can possibly buy a local SIM card from a service provider in the country you are visiting and change it in your mobile. This could be a prepaid SIM with some data plan. Once you have a local number, you can call your family and local friends from that number and receive calls as well. If you have some data associated with that plan, then you can use Viber, WhatsApp, and Skype like applications to contact your family and other friends through internet. Using Skype or Viber, you can even call international numbers if you already have accounts and credit to those accounts.

Option 2 to Make a Call

Make a call using Wi-Fi / Internet at Hotel, Home, Airports, Coffee Shops or Shopping Complex

As mentioned above, you may use your Viber, WhatsApp, and Skype applications to make phone calls or voice calls to your family and friends in your mobile address book. If you are using Skype, possibly you can subscribe to infinite local calling plan from Skype to make unlimited local calls. If you really need a local number, you can buy SkypeIn to get in country number to receive calls too.

How to Make a Call When I Go Overseas

Option 3 to Make a Call

Best Option – Enable International Roaming in your mobile before you travel

This is the best option to receive or make phone calls on your same home country number. You need to call and enable international roaming option for voice and data in your mobile. Better to activate this before you leave your home country. Those days this option was expensive, but nowadays, it is not expensive as before. However, confirm the pricing with your service provider before you activate this service since this may give you a bill shock when you get back from your trip.

There are mobile plans today to use the same home country plan while in overseas too or you can get additional data for overseas usage etc. In some premium mobile plans, even the roaming charges are free in some zone of countries. Always better to refer to your operator website before you activate or start using the international roaming facility.

You can choose any one of the options above to get connected with your family and friends and continued to be connected either via voice calls or short messages. Plan your trip and enjoy your travel while being in constant touch with your family and friends.

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